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  1. rogerjac

    Will the curfew be extended?

    [Decreto 298-20] Presidente Danilo Medina extiende el toque de queda en todo el territorio nacional por 25 días a partir del 9 de agosto de 2020, revisable por las nuevas autoridades que tomarán posesión el 16 de agosto de 2020. I got this from Detras Del Rumor
  2. rogerjac

    The ongoing debate on the start of the next school year

    sure put the education on TV,,radio,,,internet. Great idea but what happens when idiotnorte shuts off the power in the middle of the day for no reason.
  3. rogerjac

    Birmingham Alabama Shipper

    You would think but no...first he wants to get all his ducks in a row before he goes and does all that work...If it cant be done he wont do it..thanks for your help
  4. rogerjac

    Timer switch for hot water heater

    basic home electrical....110 volts have one wire that is nuetral and one that is the hot wire rated at 110 volts. the nuetral is usually grounded at the meter. A ground wire at each plug is required in the real world but here it is an option so it is not widely used. 220 system get its 220 volts...
  5. rogerjac

    Timer switch for hot water heater

    when you say neutral you mean a ground ????
  6. rogerjac

    Birmingham Alabama Shipper

    Im looking for a shipper to ship barrels from Birmingham to sosua. This is for a friend.
  7. rogerjac

    Imprudent truck drivers to face trial

    I cant believe they are actually going to enforce one of their traffic laws..Only time will tell if they carry through.
  8. rogerjac

    When you are an idiot...

    both drunk so niether is at fault
  9. rogerjac

    Beaches are open, physical distancing is the norm

    wouldnt it be very diluted in the pool? :):)
  10. rogerjac

    Casa Linda in the news

    Yes we are screwing all the owners but they signed a contract giving us permission to do so. I would never buy into a place like that. Too many controls. The whole purpose of buying your own home is to basicially do as you wish with limited intervention.
  11. rogerjac

    Medical Insurance

    I got local insurance and was told I could use it after the first month. I didnt need it for the first 6 months but did use it after for my daughter to make a visit to the emerg. I dont know what the bill was but my share was 60 pesos. Got a perscription and my share was 75 pesos. So far so good
  12. rogerjac

    New Track to Residency?

    are you saying this method to residency already exists?
  13. rogerjac

    New Track to Residency?

    this is probably the only way I would seek residency. Has to be simple and striaght forward. Otherwise I will just carryon doing what Im doing.
  14. rogerjac

    Optica Cibao - experiences

    Wow that seems like alot. I havent got new glasses in more than 15 years. Im sure it wasnt more than 200 canadian back then. Glad I got the laser surgery.
  15. rogerjac

    Minimum age for motorcycle licence

    police always ask for the ownership and insurance....license ...not so much
  16. rogerjac

    Minimum age for motorcycle licence

    Well I stand corrected. My bad. But the fact remains that nobody has one and Im sure the police never ask for one. If you do have one it would just create cunfusion....better off without one IMHO
  17. rogerjac

    Government will not ask to extend the National State of Emergency

    well it seems they are welcoming turists on the 1 of july and I find it dificult to see them keeping the turists off the beachs. But then el uso de mascarillas siguirá siendo una cuestión obligatoria para los ciudadanos. turists are not citizens, good thing neither am I
  18. rogerjac

    Minimum age for motorcycle licence

    well I have asked several dominicans, none of them has ever heard of a motorcycle license. The common thing is if you can ride it do so, never mind that you dont know any of the rules and if you hit a car or something dont worry, its never your fault.
  19. rogerjac

    Minimum age for motorcycle licence

    Theres a motorcycle licence in this country???
  20. rogerjac

    17 Haitians caught while being smuggled in a Camry

    How do you get 17 people plus the driver into a camry. That an amazing feat in itself. And I whine when im in public car with 6 others