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    Dennys Restaurant in Santo Domingo / El Conde - many thumbs down

    Well thought i'd give the Dennys on the Conde a try...bad mistake...probably the worst meal I've had in the DR in a long time. One would think it's hard to screw up eggs, ham and bacon but they sure did give it a good try. The grand slam breakfast was supposed to be Eggs, Bacon, ham...
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    NO more ATM's on the Conde

    The colonial zone is more and more liveable but with each step forward they take four back. Now, in the center of the tourist zone there are no more ATM's on the Conde. The last one, Banco Popular branch inside Sederias California has closed and moved to La Sirena on Ave. Mella. Only ATM"S...
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    Some light reading about the Dominican Republic

    Found this on: http:// Dominican Republic ?It exceeded all of my expectations, and I've been to Colombia!? ~ Oscar Wilde ?The Caribbean Empire: a diarchy, a utopia? ~ A future emperor Quisqueya Republica Dominicana...
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    Will Marijuana ever be legal in the DR?

    The movement to legalize marijuana in the US seems to be rapidly moving along with at least 18 congress members recently writing a letter to Pres. Obama urging him to use executive powers to de-criminalize marijuana use. Personally i think this has been a long time coming and an end to a...
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    Credit Card Fraud - Texaco station on Ave. Espana, Santo Domingo Este

    Well for the first time since living here I've been hit with some fraudulent charges by the Texaco station on Ave. Espana, Santo Domingo, Este.....this is the station near the Rio Ozama and the grain mills. I purchased $RD 2000 fuel on March 18th using my credit card.. about $US 50 dollars...
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    Recreational Gold panning - permitted?

    Would anyone know if "recreational" gold panning is permitted in the DR? I remember seeing some info about panning up in Jarabacoa but does one need a permit if you have a land owners permission? I'm talking about the just a few shovel fulls of gravel/dirt/mud and a gold pan. any...
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    Go further, pay less - Weird US Airways pricing policy

    Interesting experience while purchasing my ticket to return back to the states in May. I want to fly direct from Santo Domingo to Philly and the only airlines that does that is US Airways - a one way trip is $320 now and only on Saturdays. What's interesting is I compared prices for a flight...
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    violence at PRD headquarters

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    Recommend a dentist in Santo Domingo?

    I need some dental services here in Santo Domingo - looks like I have a dental abscess and need to be seen fairly soon - anyone have recommendations? english speaking preferred. thanks
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    Lost Black Labrador Retriever "Shadow" - Ave. Espana area - Santo Domingo Este

    Lost Black Labrador Retriever "Shadow" - Ave. Espana area - Santo Domingo Este I know it's a long shot but I lost my Shadow today: If anyone happens to see her please contact me ASAP. She's very playful and friendly - loves to fetch with any size ball or plastic soda bottles. PLEASE...
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    Thief shot dead in Santiago

    Noticed this in the news this evening, I wonder what will become of the car owner? Car parts thief shot dead in Santiago The National Police says that the owner of a SUV shot and killed a 26-year old man, Roberto Santiago Rodriguez after discovering him in the act of stealing...
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    Looking for a 1-2 Terrabyte backup drive

    Hi all, as the title mentions I'm looking for a 1-2 terrabyte external backup drive for my mac. Anyone seen items like this in SDQ at a reasonable price? thanks in advance Karlheinz
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    Subaru's in the DR

    I wonder why i see so few Subaru's here in this country? While in San Jose (C.R.) they seemed to be everywhere and a great choice for the roads, plus they came in a diesel version :nervous:. Odd that this company never made many inroads here whereas you see toyotas and honda everywhere...
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    Inflatable Whitewater Kayak for sale, AIRE Tomcat II

    anyone interested please see my ad in the classifieds: AIRE Tomcat II tandem inflatable kayak, PFD's, paddles for sale.
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    Another Earthquake, 2:29 am

    Well, I was sitting at my desk when the latest hit, seemed to shake the building pretty good and I live on the third floor in the colonial zone. Anyone else feel this one? I'm guessing this was a good one, probably in the 6 point level or greater. Karlheinz
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    English speaking Vet in Santo Domingo

    Can anyone recommend a good Vet here in the capital? I live in the colonial zone and am looking for a good, reliable Vet for my black lab. thanks in advance Karlheinz
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    Slow internet speed with Claro today?

    Is anyone else besides me having a problem with internet download speeds today? Last week I was getting 3.5 mb/s only 0.40 mb/s, huge difference in speed. Is anyone else having problems or is just me? Karlheinz
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    Free to a good home - Black Labrador adolescent

    With great regrets I am looking for a new home for my 6 1/2 month Black Lab puppy. She is a wonderful dog, sweet, very loving, very smart, very energetic but she needs a home with a yard. All her vaccinations are up to date and I'm currently in SDQ. She's house broken but I live in a...
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    Beaches and Swimming Locations closed for Easter??

    I noticed this article in the news section tonight that numerous beaches and swimming locations are being closed for Easter Week for "public safety". I can see reducing the sales of alcohol for public safety and banning vehicles from the road that should have been in junk piles for years but...
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    kayak paddles wanted

    I have an inflatable kayak coming from the states but was unable to ship my paddles. Does anyone know where kayak paddles could be bought in the Santo Domingo area? Any assistance is appreciated.