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    Travel Question For Leaving DR.....Cruise Liners..

    Are there any of these cruise liners either out of Santo Domingo, La Romana...elsewhere... That you could jump on and get a ride over to Miami-Ft. Lauderdale?... I've been looking around for info on this, but there seems to be little to no options for this form of transportation out of DR...
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    Mysterious Influenza?

    I have noticed a lot of people sick in Santo Domingo with this illness... A lot of coughing and a virus or maybe just some change in the weather here..the cooler temps?.... I have been around-exposed to a lot of these people, but never seem to contract whatever it is... Which...
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    Question About Leaving Through The Airport...

    In DR with over $10K USD in currency. Is it allowable? It looks like the export of currency rules allow for only a max of $10K USD equivalent per family. Is that correct? Can you bring more than that amount with proper documentation to prove the funds? The DGA form upon exiting only asks if...
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    Per Recent Case Law In This Tierra Tribunales....

    It is now admissible for a Concorcio-Directive-Administration to violate the rules of a it quorum or otherwise-so long as they can later put together a quorum to annul an unlawfully held prior meeting. This is the corrupted and distorted type of case law that comes out of the...
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    Criminal 'Death Threat' Letter

    Left at my door in an apartment complex and I have video surveillance of the suspect performing the act. Letter is at a high degree with reference to specific names-family and a time limit mentioned not once, but twice. Requests that a property owner leave the premises in a one month time...
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    What Are the Laws In DR

    For Criminal Threats in written form? Does the Fiscalia enforce them-if they are stuck in a corner with an individual that brings hard evidence to the table? Thanks.
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    I Would Think Twice

    About buying any apartment anywhere in DR going forward. The corruption inside the Administration of these properties is extensive-violating the property's own rules and the Condominium Laws. As a property owner, your recourse in the courts is difficult to counter the corruption and abusive...
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    Anyone Here Use Altice Prepago Paqueticos?

    Would you know how on the app or phone menu how to block the use of credit in your account once your paquetico terminates? What happens is it consumes the credit right away at any time you are outside using an active illimitado paquetico. I know there is someway to block that, but can't find...
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    Legal Question-Disturbing The Peace & Trespassing

    Do these laws exist in the Dominican Republic? If one were to capture audio and video evidence of an individual banging on their front door in the middle of the night in a violent manner and then immediately departing the scene-could the individual be charged with disturbing the peace and...
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    Legal Question-How Long Does It Take For A Judge

    In the Jurisdiccion Immobiliara-Tierra de Tribunales to make a ruling on a case? 90 days? 1 Year? Is there a time limit in which they must make a ruling?
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    A Question For US Citizens That Live In DR

    And have had their property vandalized where they live..... Is there anything that can be done to report such incidents to the US Embassy in Santo Domingo? When I go on their website, they have an emergency contact number, but it appears that they can only help in certain matters pertaining to...
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    Can Anyone Here Recommend A Private Investigator....

    I am looking for someone with a good deal of experience to deal with investigating a criminal matter. Thank you.
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    What Are Some Good Areas To Look For A Home....

    In Punta Cana and Cap Cana areas? From a recent visit there, it looks like Punta Cana Village, Las Canas at Cap Cana and La Palma are three areas that might be good and in a somewhat decent price range around 200-500K? Are there other areas in this price range for a home?-not looking for...
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    What do people do for high speed internet in Punta Cana and Cap Cana

    It doesn't appear that Claro offers their fiber optic internet in either of these locations So is there another service that offers this level of service or is it all dsl or satellite based? Thanks.
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    Recommendation of Reputable Administrators

    In SD-I am putting this also in legal section as I am in a legal situation-so this question applies here. I am looking for companies that administrate apartment complexes that have a long history in SD of being reputable-reliable. Thank you.
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    Question About Barricade For Parking Space

    Looking to put one of these metal barricades on a parking space in an apartment building. Has anyone done one of these and how much does it cost? Thank you.
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    Do All Of The Banks In DR

    Have the charge of $10, if there is no movement in a USD savings account after 6 months? Under their list of charges for the account, they do not list this $10 least in Banco Popular and Banco Santa Cruz, I do not see it listed under the charges for the account. Only charges such as...
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    Denny's Closed Its Doors....

    Fuddruckers as well.....Seems like a lot of restaurants are starting to disappear now-at least in SD.
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    Question About Recording Audio

    In an 'audencia'-court room in DR? Is this allowed to record the audio or this is not allowed? Thank you.
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    What Constitutes An Act Of Defamation Under The Laws

    Of the Dominican Republic? If an individual or group of individuals make a statement to third parties about the character of an individual as a fact rather than an opinion can that constitute an act of defamation under the laws in the country? Thank you.