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    Cost per metro in el Cibao

    Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted but here we go! The Old family house is ready for another upgrade.. I’d like add a 2nd floor to the house and wanna get some ballpark of what the cost per metro is going for these days to make a decent 2 / 3 apartment on top of an existing house. Nothing...
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    Cost per metro (M2) in Salcedo

    Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted but here we go! The Old family house is ready for another upgrade.. I’d like add a 2nd floor to the house and wanna get some ballpark of what the cost per metro is going for these days to make a decent 2 / 3 apartment on top of an existing house. Nothing...
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    Furniture stores near Santiago/Moca/ Tenares/Macoris

    Hey guys, Im sure this has been covered in the past but can someone please point me in the right direction. I need to buy a bedroom set for my mom in the next month and would like to see options online before I fly to DR. Any and all leads would be greatly appreciated. We have a house in...
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    Hey guys, Im traveling to DR very soon and wanted to check if any banks or institutions or otherwise have those per-paid credit cards to use in the DR. Are these available in DR? I'd rather not us my USA card and use one specifically for DR... Restaurants, shopping, etc ect.... Any advice...
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    Hey guys, last I checked most people were saying that GPS was useless out there... (2008).. Is this still the case or are they trust worthy these days? I plan on driving around the North, mostly Salcedo, Tenares, Moca and of-course Santiago and the beaches on the north. Can I rely on a GPS?
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    Mailing to DR from New York

    Can someone please tell me what the best way would be to mail/send a manila envelope or small package to DR.. (Salcedo to be exact). I have to begin sending labels and clothing tags on a regular basis out there. what's the cheapest, fastest way? Thanks
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    Dominican Peso Forecast

    Just passing on the info... The more I research, the scarier it gets. Dominican Peso - Forecast The Dominican Peso is expected to trade at 50.71 by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. Looking forward, we estimate it to trade at...
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    Hey guys, I'm in the process of getting a dual citizenship and will have a cedula some time this year. What's the process to obtain a drivers license in DR? Is there s written and driving test? Anyone care to shed some light here, much appreciated!
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    USA drivers license (can Police verify)

    Hey fellow DR1'ers..... Can the average Police car in Dominican Republic verify my USA drivers license info in Dom Rep? Meaning, if I get pulled over as a tourist, hand over my drivers Licence, will that "officer" be able to check my USA info? Are they equipped with the technology in their...
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    Movie ticket prices???

    Hey guys, happy Sunday! Quick question, what does it cost to go to the movies these days in Dom Rep? Tickets, popcorn, soda, and other goodies... Trying to figure out what a night at the movies costs. Just curious.... Thanks.
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    is Drywall or sheetrock available in DOM REP?

    Hey guys, we are about to do some renovations in my families old house and have a question. Is sheetrock/ drywall available out here? The people I mention "sheetrock" to say that they have never heard of that or that no one works with that in Dom Republic. Is this true? HELP!!!
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    Temp internet from home (not cell)

    Not sure if this has been covered before but i plan on being in the country a few times a year for a few weeks each time. What is the best way to have wifi at home to use my laptop while Im there. I've seen post that talk about sim cards and temp plans but how about from home to us not just my...
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    On a recent trip a family frind drove me to a place in Jarabacoa that was AWESOME but I cant recall the name of it and would LOVE to return... Maybe if I explain it a bit someone can help me out here... Ok, so the place has a skinny metal bridge that crosses you over to a kinda...
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    Salcedo, Moca, Tenares

    Happy New Year everyone!!! Can anyone tell me ANYTHING about Salcedo and its surounding areas MOCA, TENARES and San Fancisco de Macoris? Things to do, places to see, whats it like in that part of the country?? Thanks...
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    selling clothes in DR..

    Hey everyone, hope all is well in DR-LAND.. Let me give a little background on myself before I just throw a question out there... I was born and live in NYC my entire life.. My parents are Dominican and thats what I consider myself.. 100 % I survived and lived through some of the most...
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    Tattoos In Dr.

    Hey all, like some of you may or may not already know(from some of my questions) I comming down to the DR. in a few weeks. Anyway, My aunt made a comment to me yesterday about my tattoos. She said that people were going to look at me like if I were crazy and that the police may hasle me because...
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    short term rentals

    Hi all, IM planing on moving to DR but before I take the leap ID like to rent a place in santo dom. Since I was born & raised in NYC I really need to live somewhere that has a lot of malls,niteclubs, theaters, art galleries ect. So IM thinking the capitol is the place for me. Anyway I want to...
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    Hippo and his lies!!

    Hey all, Today while reading some of the DR newpapers online (HOY DIGITAL) I read that Hippo and secutary of financises (Rafael Calderon) say that they (the goverment) don't owe any money to the (generadores) and that I (Hippo) can't understand why they just don't put the power on. I mean how...
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    living in santiago

    Hi all, can anyone please give me some info on living in Santiago. Whats Santiago like? The traffic? Things to do? Night life? Malls? ECT. Also has anyone heard of this area, "JARDINES DE YAQUE"? hows that area like is it a nice place to live? Is it a good naborhood? (excuse my spelling) Any...
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    Watch men (security)

    Hi all, does anyone know more or less what a watch man costs in Santiago? We need someone to watch over our property in Santiago, everyone tells me that this is a very safe area (Jardines de Yaque) but I still think we may need someone to take care of our place while we travel back and forth...