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    Suicide in DR

    I received an email yesterday from a good friend that someone very close to him committed suicide in Sosua. This is so sad, a young man with a family, a good man--I just saw him in April and he was his usual happy self. I have met him several times and his death is so tragic and sad to me...
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    Los Reyes Santiago and Country Code

    Is Los Reyes a neighbourhood in Santiago or a street? Does anyone have a detailed Santiago map? Also, when sending a letter, do I need to put the country code on the envelope? I believe the country code is 57 for DR? Just wondering if it speeds things up? Thank you.
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    Waipa!! (sp?) -- proper spelling and meaning?

    I have heard different Dominicans use this word and have heard it in a song. Does anyone know the proper spelling and meaning? Thanks.
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    weather in Puerto Plata?

    I heard it was raining the past couple of days....what is the weather like today....anyone know what the longterm forecast is? I am hoping for sunshine!! Every time I look at the weather network for Puerto Plata, it shows rain.....even when I'm told there isn't a cloud in the sky.
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    paying with credit cards

    How "safe" is it using credit cards at restaurants in Puerto Plata/Sosua? Is it better to pay with cash?
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    travel from Sosua/Cabarete to Playa Dorado in the wee hours

    If we decide to go to Sosua or Cabarete for a night or 2 on the town, are there taxis that run back and forth late at night or the public cars? Would it be cheaper just to get a hotel room rather than pay for a private taxi?
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    When is the best time to book?

    Just wondering if anyone flying out of Halifax has any suggestions/experience on the best time to book from Halifax to Puerto Plata. We are planning to leave around April 20 and I seem to recall last year that prices were significantly lower once April rolled around. The resort we want to stay...
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    Banana Boats?

    I was on on of the Sosua sites and banana boats were mentioned. I have been to DR 4 times now but have not run across them.....just wondering what they are....a tour boat or just a boat you can rent and paddle around in? How does one get a tour or rent one?
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    Puerto Plata and Playa Dorado bar/disco hours of operation

    Last year when I was there things in the City closed down at midnight. Bars in Playa Dorado went until about 2:00 a.m. or so on the weekend (I can't remember what time during the week). Is it the same now or have things changed?
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    Happy Valentine's Day from Canada!!

    just wondered if Valentine's Day is celebrated in the DR today as well?
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    picture of vendors' beach huts - Playa Dorado

    I am wondering if anyone has a picture of the beach huts located down the beach from Playa Dorado? Thank you.
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    Carretera (Jose Luis) near Costambar

    sorry--I am not really sure what the name of the neighbourhood is but I am wondering if anyone is familiar with this area and if it is "safe" for a tourist to stay in this particular area (with a family I am very familiar with and who have moved from the area near La Canita (sp?) Bar). I know...
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    Translation help

    could someone please translate this? Thanks. dime loco enquetuta tirame
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    possession of marijuana bail and process question

    My friend's brother was charged with possession on the weekend in POP (from what I can understand not a large amount)--he is Dominican--long story short, he says someone else put it in his possession without his knowledge and set him up--is that true? I don't know--I was not there so I cannot...
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    Cheap Flights from Atlantic Canada to POP

    Selloff Vacations is offering cheap flights leaving in the next couple of days from both Moncton and Halifax to Puerto Plata--$118 and $147 plus tax. Wish I was able to take advantage of these prices!!!! What a deal for anyone who can go at the last minute. They have AI packages starting...
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    Looking for name of song!

    please don't laugh--a friend had a CD made for me at a little bar in Puerto Plata--there are a couple of songs on it that I really like. It is a male singer with a deep voice........ I would like to know the name and translation of one of the songs--I'm sorry--I can't even spell but someone...
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    Puerto Plata - history of mountain crash

    I am interested in learning about the plane crash that has left its mark on the mountain--I did a search but don't seem to come up with anything. Each time I go there, I think to myself I must try and get the history of this, and then I don't. Thanks.
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    weather today in Puerto Plata?

    Just wondering if there is any sun today and if any is expected in the next few days? The weather network does not look promising--saying rain and thunder for the next 3 or 4 days.
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    Playa Dorado Clubs

    Does anyone know how late the clubs stay open now in the complex? What is the best club to go for a group of 40'ish aged women or does it matter? Would like to hear Spanish music, maybe a live band if any of the clubs in the complex offer that. Thanks.
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    2 bedroom hotel room Santo Domingo?

    Can anyone recommend a nice hotel in Santo Domingo area that would have 2 bedroom rooms? It will just be for one night but would like to book ahead. Thanks.