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  1. Allison Spillman

    English Bulldog 1.8 yrs old

    Is Maggie still available
  2. Allison Spillman

    Wiring funds to the DR

    Just to follow up, I finally was able to retrieve a personal IBAN number from the bank, which is apparently on my statement. Every time I called they gave me the banks IBAN number, which is not the one I need. The one I finally got was DO82SCRZ000000followed by my account number, which is...
  3. Allison Spillman

    Wiring funds to the DR

    That number has come up twice…maybe it’s the right one!
  4. Allison Spillman

    Wiring funds to the DR

    Is your branch in Cabarete?
  5. Allison Spillman

    Wiring funds to the DR

    Thank you..can you tell me the IBAN number on the form you branch is the Cabarete branch.
  6. Allison Spillman

    Wiring funds to the DR

    So everybody I giving me a different number. This is so confusing. My bank is telling me it I. 28 digit number, beginning withDO, followed by 12 numbers and my bank account number. What branch doe Liriano work at.
  7. Allison Spillman

    Who to turn to for help with a dog

    This story is a heart breaker! I m so moved by the compassion here, which, for some reason is so illicited by dogs. What is the update…I also have a nearly cripple dog in the states, and it is so sad the way people think to euthanize, just because one one can’t or can hardly walk. Though...
  8. Allison Spillman

    Wiring funds to the DR

    I appreciate these responses. So the swift code, which I have, is different from the IBAN number. You can see that in the responses I received here, I am given 2 different numbers, though very similar. I actually did get another very similar number from a DR1 post from 2018: DO53SCRZ000000...
  9. Allison Spillman

    Wiring funds to the DR

    Does anybody know the IBAN number for Banco Santo Cruz. I am in the US trying to make a transfer from my American bank and I need to give it to them in person before I leave the country. I called Santa Cruz and got about 4 different answers. I know it has to have 28 digits, begin with DO and...
  10. Allison Spillman

    Shipping from DR to the US

    Luciano’s shipping out of the Bronx will bring stuff here and I believe they can take things back, to Miami
  11. Allison Spillman

    Artesunate in the DR

    Does anybody know if artesunte, which is the water soluble form of artemesinin, which is derived from the artemisia plant, is available in the DR. I am Trying to obtain some to add to my IV Vitamin C therapy for my lung cancer. I have done a lot of research on this, and have reason to believe...
  12. Allison Spillman

    High Dose Vitamin C

    Does anyone know how I can obtain high dosage vitamin C vials, containing around up to 15 grams, on the North Coast, and where I might go to have it intravenously administered. It is something that is being used in the US and elsewhere for attacking cancerous tumors. It requires two to three...
  13. Allison Spillman

    IV Vitamin C Therapy For Cancer

    The Vitamin C is difficult to obtain and very expensive in the US, but I am looking into it.
  14. Allison Spillman

    IV Vitamin C Therapy For Cancer

    You are kidding me! What pharmacy did you call. Can you find out the has to be around 15 the US 15 grams is 120$. It used to be about 5 bucks, but the FDA regulated it ten years ago...I don’t speak Spanish so it is difficult for me to find out from US and I would like to...
  15. Allison Spillman

    IV Vitamin C Therapy For Cancer

    Does anyone know how one can obtain intravenous vitamin C therapy in the Cabarete Area. Is there a source for obtaining the actual vials needed for the drip? I have been diagnosed with lung cancer and pursuing additional treatments. There is a lot of literature regarding the use of high dose...
  16. Allison Spillman

    Casa Linda's Connections seems to be selling well

    Wonder how many people who buy in Casa Linda know about “the dog lady“? Isn’t Connections being marketed to the LGBT community? Notice the rainbow...
  17. Allison Spillman

    New member

    hi there, just introducing myself...coming down for two months to cabarete. I built my own house in Encuentro. Just finished major haul to Luciano's shipping in the Bronx with tons of tools, etc. Will post more info but right now I want to post on the Cabrera murder thread