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  1. Taylor

    Keurig - K -pods

    Dude. Get the reusable ones.
  2. Taylor

    Break-Ins at Casa Linda

    I wonder if this is foreshadowing what to expect this fall. I remember when Encuentro used to have nightly break ins before all the development
  3. Taylor

    Break-Ins at Casa Linda

    Not the smartest move with all the expanding and selling they are doing in Encuentro. Why cheap out now?
  4. Taylor

    The future of flying?

    direct hit!
  5. Taylor

    Buffalo International Airport Propose New Route To DR

    Could they not just use Hamilton Airport and avoid the border?
  6. Taylor

    Digital ‘nomads’ seek paradise in beachfront Dominican town, hurt local economy

    I wonder if the real problem for the two main activists mentioned in the story is that the covid benefits and other free handouts that they collect from the US don't' go as far as it used to down here.
  7. Taylor

    Advice for first trip to Damajagua

    Does anyone know how many of the waterfalls are open right now? Last month it was only the bottom 7, but with all the rain, I'm hoping that at least 14 are open now.
  8. Taylor

    Light Fingers in Playero

    Wow. This happened to me as well. I asked about an expiration date a while ago as I go out of town for , and they told me no. Frustrating, as I had built it up
  9. Taylor

    Trouble at Perla Marina

    It's not a total solution, but for 6 months / year you can have a solid impact. But only if your dwelling can support it. I use it to fill my pool, then if there's a lot of rain, I will redirect it to the cistern. For half the year I see a big drop in my water bill, avoid the over...
  10. Taylor

    When will Airbnb's need to be licenced

    The declines could also be the effect from a lot of the hotels converting over to airbnb's and no longer bothering to advertise. When they acted as hotels, you would see tons of ads for Cabarete in Kitesurfing forms / magazines, but now, nothing.
  11. Taylor

    When will Airbnb's need to be licenced

    I wonder how much effect it will have - people will adapt and just use forums, facebook etc thereby saving on the airbnb fees and avoiding the taxes.
  12. Taylor

    The Best Bank in the DR & Caribbean

    Looks great until you look up the group that made the award and realize it's owned by an affiliate they paid.
  13. Taylor

    Where is DR Beef coming from ?

    Ther'es great beef labeled Nicaragua in Sosua @ playero
  14. Taylor

    Dog Poop and no scoop

    Because I watch people walking their dog, and acting like they are not watching their dog while the dog shits, then calling their dog over right in hopes no one sees.
  15. Taylor

    Dog Poop and no scoop

    No, it's essentially all foreigners. I would say 80% are respectful, 20% are not. The thing is, there's a lot of dog owners in the condos along Kite Beach, and 20% ends up being a big number of dogs pooping all over a small area of the beach. When I walk the beach, I have to literally be...
  16. Taylor

    Dog Poop and no scoop

    I went for a walk along Kite Beach yesterday, and I watched as 3 people let their dogs poop on the beach and never mind pick it up, they didn't bother to even cover it. Normally I might see that happen once, and further down in the less walked areas, but this was literally right in the scene...
  17. Taylor

    Something up with flights to POP

    "Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom) informed that the works of the second phase of repair and remodeling of the runway of the Gregorio Luperón International Airport (AIGL) of Puerto Plata would close the infrastructure to all air traffic between May 8 and 17, 2023. I'm guessing that...
  18. Taylor

    Something up with flights to POP

    I'm looking at flights to POP from YYZ in May, and none of them are coming up. Not westjet, nor air canada, not even AA. Is there some maintenance scheduled or it is just a temporary glitch in the system?
  19. Taylor

    Music boom box owners want to blast their music in public spaces

    What's wrong with headphones and then blasting them up as loud as they like