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    relationship for women 101:flawed sticky

    I'm surprised how nobody picked up the bull in this sticky by Planner. She went on saying: " **** You are in a very macho society. There is a very evident double standard, well maybe a triple standard. Men can do what they want and they are men. Some Dominican women can behave in certain ways...
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    vexillogists, Pichardo, help !

    I want to know if the flags of the Dominican provinces on wikipedia are correct, because I suspect that they're invented by the author, some guy that just goes by the name of " Carlos". they've changed alot in a short time. On march,2008, they were one way, but then now in november, they are...
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    tired of fusilamientos(in music)

    There was an article in the Listin Diario saying that half of bachata is " fusilamientos" from Colombian Vallenato ( this is no surprise), and from baladas from other countries. Not only bachata, but many merengues as well. Fusilajes( or fusilamientos), sound beautiful, yes, but THEY ARE...
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    Translation for " ?grafa"

    I want to know how to say the word " ?grafa" in English. ?grafa means, a culture or society that doesn't have a writing system. I've been looking for this word in many dictionaries, but can't find it :mad: An example of the word: " Los tainos eran una sociedad ?grafa" "The Tainos were a...
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    Sto Dgo coat of arms, what's meaning?

    What is the meaning of this coat of arms ( Distrito Nacional)? ADN: Ayuntamiento del Distrito Nacional - Marca Institucional y Marca Urbana
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    Flags of municipalities

    There are flags for the provinces. Are there flags for the municipalities that make up the provinces too? what about logos or coats of arms? So far I've seen just one, ( logo) from Constanza. - Sitio Oficial de la Ciudad de Constanza - Portada
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    looking for Sto Dgo seal

    I saw the The seal ( escudo) of Santo Domingo city one time, i think it was here, it was a news article about Freddy Beras Goyco receiving a price. It has a crown in it. I trying to find it, but not luck in finding the image. Can somebody find it and post it here? also, I would like to see...
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    70 years ago!

    70 years ago, that is a nice round number, like 500 years of " quincentenario", where the elite in DR praises the arrival of greedy, filth Columbus, who " supposely" discovered this island. What this nice, round " 70" is, is the seventieth anniversary of the october,1937 massacre of ethnic...
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    A Haitian has hijacked the Wikipedia DR article with propaganda.

    Check out the Wikipedia English language article on DR. One character there, presumably Haitian, from the all biased wording he places, is trying to discredit DR. Somehow, he has some powers as a moderator or something, and abusing it by deleting any edit that he deems not of his liking.( eg...
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    national anthem and bias

    I used to sing this anthem every school day when I was a kid, but what is really talking about? Is it the Independence War against Haiti, or it also includes the Restoration War? Since it was written by Prud'homme in the 1880's. It seems to me that it only makes references in wars against...
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    The game of " la placa"

    I used to play " la placa" ( also known as la latica in other regions of Quisqueya) alot when I was a kid in Quisqueya. Anyone here knows of the origins of this game? I suspect that is a derrivative of cricket, which I think was brought over by the cocolos. Can anyone shed some light here?
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    huye !

    Dominicans usually say " huye !" , means to hurry up. Some people that customarily change the " h" into " j" and say " juye " ! ( I hate when " h" turns into " J" :angry: ). Anyways, the verb " huir" means " to flee, to escape". When someone scapes from something or somebody, it is usually...
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    Why so many Dominicans with ridiculous names?

    I've seen many people with ridiculous, and just plain stupid names. Usually coming in the form of Anglicisms. You may find some old people with names like " Calletano", " Viriato", " Isidro". Those names may sound weird or just " old era names", and you don't see many people naming their...
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    No Jus Soli in DR for non-Jus soli granting states

    There is no Jus Soli in Haiti, but DR has Jus Soli. I think that DR should deny Jus Soli rights to any country that doesn't have Jus Soli. If Haiti gets flooded with Dominicans, and they give birth in Haiti, guess what? none of them will be Haitian citizens. They all will be just...
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    Haitian Occupation(1822-1844) and rapes

    I've only seen one reference on rapes by Haitians in one book about DR written in English by a non-Dominican. Don't remember book's name. It says " Dominican historians descrbe the Haitian Occupation as a brutal nightmare; dominated by illiterate soldiers,many who were former slaves. They charge...
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    Honoring criminals from history

    Why in DR they have names of towns, streets, etc, that honor people that have commited horrible crimes against humanity?? Why hispanophiles get away with this without any resistance from the Mulatto/Black masses?? EXample: Padre De Las Casas. ( the town of Quinito Mendez). This guy was an "...
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    La Bendicion

    I have some infant relatives that don't speak a word of Spanish, and also, they're raised as Protestants. When they visited DR, they don't say the customary " bendicion" or just " cion" for short to my grandmother. My grandmother got passed the disgust that they don't speak Spanish, these...