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    Attorney Fees for Home Purchase

    TY! Will have to look into that
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    Attorney Fees for Home Purchase

    Hi all, for those of you that have purchased homes, Is the attorney fee 1% of the contract price or 1% of the value of the home as registered.
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    Hotels in Sosua

    Thanks for the input
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    Hotels in Sosua

    It does look like it needs some updating
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    Hotels in Sosua

    This one is in Sosua by 'El Pola'
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    Hotels in Sosua

    Hello everyone! Who is familiar with 'The Palms Condos' In Sosua? Have you stayed there? What's your opinion?
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    Solar Energy coming to the DR!

    Some more good news for the future of the DR... Rocio
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    Inheritance laws & new marriage

    My mom passed away 6 months ago & I just got the news that my 80 year old dad plans on remarrying a woman half his age!!!!:paranoid: My parents had their home for 30 years, I believe it's in both their names. My dad has not notified the tax authorities of her death yet so nothing has been...
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    Need Accountant for US Income Taxes

    Does anyone have or know a good accountant in the DR that's qualified to file US tax returns???
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    Problem At Marien Coral

    Hi everyone, just wanted to kind of vent alittle on a situation that happened to JJ yesterday while p/up a client at the Marien Coral in Costa Dorada. The taxi drivers that are parked at the entrance of the complex didn't want to let him pass but he got through & then they tried to pull the...
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    Help on residency forms

    I am going to start the process of filing a petition for my dominican husband. Of those of you that have done the process can anyone please enlighten me. I must sent copies of marriage certificate & any prior divorces. Can they be just regular copies or do they have to be legalized. In DR...