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    Buy Euro's

    The ones @ parque central you mean?
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    Buy Euro's

    I need to buy a very small amount of Euros in Puerto Plata very urgent where can I find them? Not gonna go inside a bank
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    Non call center jobs!

    Hi, Any job opportunities on the North Coast that are not call centers? T.E.
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    Sosua - Constanza by bus

    What is the best way to tavel from Sosua to Constanza by bus?? T.E.
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    worst place to be bar Plan B

    People that go often to bar PlanB in Sosua pedro clisante are heroes but if you by any chance say something what the owner Marta does not like to hear thy ban you for good. LOL so my advice stay out of there but if you go there just say yes all the time to the owner.... T.E.
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    What to do...

    What to do when no money left to pay bills, no family or friends to count on,a daughter and wife to feed, no job and no possibility of going back to my country of origin???????? T.E. :(
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    armed hold up going on in Santiago

    Criminals entered Associacion Nortena de Ahorros y Prestamos in Santiago and have several hostages. Police outside..priest entered with bottle of rum for the criminals....they are now waiting for Denzel Washington to do negotations... TBC T.E.
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    HI, i need someone that is an official translator here on the North Coast to translate a couple of documents from dutch to spanish Thanks in advance T.E.
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    Cab from SD to PP

    How much it would cost to drive from airport Las Americas to Puerto Plata by cab after 8 pm? T.E.
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    Cabania in SD

    I need a cheap place to sleep one night this week. What are rates for cabanias in SD lets say 7 pm - 7 am Thanks in advance T.E.
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    Opening hours Migration SD

    What are opening hours of Migration Santo Domingo I am tired of calling their number Thx in advance
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    Belgian people doing residency

    Hi, Are there people in my case that are from Belgium and did not have residence and living here and now doing it...because the paperwork from Belgium and DR is not at all the same and I want to know what they exactly need here before going back to Belgium and look for the needed documents...
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    Updated e-mail address dominican embassy in Belgium NEEDED

    Hi, Can someone give me the actual e-mail address from the dominican embassy in Brussels, Belgium??? is INCORRECT Thanks in advance T.E.
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    Lawyers too busy???

    Are all the lawyers now so busy, that they can't respond a pm.... That makes me think that all that residency stuff is more a fact to earn some extra cash... T.E.
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    Hi, I have a declared child with a dominican woman. Does that make it easier to get residency? Also I was married and divorced to another dominican girl but I never finished residency. What you can recommend me? T.E.
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    Orange Dominicana stealing minutes!!!

    Everybody who has a pre paid plan with Orange has to be checking their minutes left on a regular basis. I have a plan 150 minutes and I am hardly making calls just text messaging a lot and in less then 10 days all my minutes were gone while I maybe used 40 total. So I put a card 100 pesos and...
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    Travel from POP to PC

    Hi, Any one has an approximate idea how long it takes from POP to Punta Cana knowing to reach the airport there around noon... With times of buses and so on... Thanks in advance T.E.
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    Job Puerto Plata/Sosua area

    Hi, Any job availability on the North coast? Strong customer service skills, multiple languages spoken. A lot of experience in DR...but nowadays in urgent need of a job to stay in this beautiful country... Send PM with offers please Thanks in advance T.E.
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    Plan B most friendly bar of Sosua

    Hi, Wanted to share a positive comment with all. Bar Plan B next to Scotiabank has excellent customer service skills which is very nice to know that exists in Sosua. The owner and waitresses are so friendly that I really enjoy have a cold one overthere. Keep it up T.E.
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    Caseta at malecon Puerto Plata

    Anyone is renting a caseta on Puerto Platas Malecon? Price, deposits, etc... t.E.