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    Cottage Cheese

    Easy to make it at home with just three ingredients
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    Best brand of silicone roof sealer ??

    Lanco Siliconizer has worked on several roofs for me.
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    Just when you thought you'd found the most stupid person...

    When the question is asked "how stupid can one person be?"......often times a Dominican will respond "hold my Presidente/Brugal and watch this.
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    Trouble at Perla Marina

    Who was the original developer of Perla Marina?
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    The Better Dominican Rums

    a moment of sadness because Brugal Unico is no more, that was my all time favorite
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    Earthquake this morning in Jamao..

    Felt the 11:53, light shake on the 3rd floor
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    Whatever Happened To These DR1ers??

    If you're referring to Tom Churchill (Xanadu Ranch), he evidently passed away a couple years ago.
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    Pre-Retirement Suggestions

    Make sure your client understands that items "can" be seized at customs but you still get paid.
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    Whatever Happened To These DR1ers??

    He is in poor health but still in Sosua.
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    EDENorte North Coast: Electricity Outages & Restoration Announcements

    SOSU104 out (downtown Sosua) the area that is supposed to be 24 hour power tourist zone
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    EDENorte North Coast: Electricity Outages & Restoration Announcements

    My bill shows the circuit number on the right side a few inches from the top, SOSU104
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    Scott Teilhaber

    He was quite the colorful guy for sure. As some people said, he was the kind of guy you loved to hate.
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    Amnesty Law...Until Mid-January

    How can a person find what the current property tax value is?
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    US Exchange Rate

    58.25 Caribe Sosua
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    Is the curfew ending 17 May?
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    Cruise Ships

    The cruise ship that passed the North coast was RCL Adventure of the Sea. It says the destination is now LaRomana, earlier it was Labadee. Current location is NE of Punta Cana, heading 163, speed 7.8 knots. No idea if there are passengers onboard or just crew. Quite amazing the number of cruise...
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    Shipping presceiptions to DR

    I've had no problems refilling through Costco for delivery to EPS Miami and further delivery to Sosua. It's much less expensive than buying here.