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    Banresearvas Opens Branch in NYC & Miami

    I wonder will this allow me to make deposit and my wife in DR to receive the money down at branch in DR? If that is true, which by means no more wire transfer, no more xoom, remit, etc. All for free of charge.
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    2023 Hurricane Season

    Did I ever say that? No. You assume it yourself. I said it can outgrow to a bigger storm unexpectedly. Get facts straight.
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    Aerial Views of Samaná at Night

    Looks like it's dead at night but I can understand its a small town
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    2023 Hurricane Season

    Lee is now reached 175mph. it will overgrown to 180-190mph by tomorrow at 8am. Once this storm hits 200mph, it will be the largest and massive storm ever since on this earth.
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    2023 Hurricane Season

    Hurricane Lee is now the strongest storm since Maria. It's moving NE at 9mph and it's brewing 165mph.
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    2023 Hurricane Season

    Hurricane Lee will be the massive storm ever since Hurricane Maria. its sitting 145mph and it'll grow to 160mph by tonight and possible 180mph tommorrow.
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    Government to inject RD$15 billion into Pedernales highway

    But I will cancel it, we need to focus on infrastructure first before we can keep adding more nonsense AI crap.
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    DR: We have problem with blackouts

    Interesting article: My question to all, how we can GUARNATEE fix the electric problem? Get gov't OUT of electric business and alobish CDEEE. period. Just sayin' ...
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    Keurig - K -pods

    I LOVE my Keurig coffee maker and I drink 2-3 coffee daily and I can make iced coffee even hot chocolate. It can make everything
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    Best suggestion for month long El Conde room or apt for rent ???

    When Airbnb first came to DR, I stayed at one apartment for $190 a night then next day the owner came to clean up and I negotiated and asked for one month only $600USD, she accepted and stayed. If I went with airbnb again, I would shell nearly $900. So yeah work with the owner because you build...
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    Chef Pepper calls it quits in the DR

    Thank god, Subway I got sick in 2013 when we ate there once.. Never again. BK & Wendys are popular, why? Cheap and fast to make. It does make sense.
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    Chef Pepper calls it quits in the DR

    Fair enough. Never heard of Tropi-Burger so I can't talk about it. But again, DR folks thinks its easy to do a service like cutting a birthday cake but it's not.
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    Chef Pepper calls it quits in the DR

    Trust me, I ve been flying back/forth for 10+ years and I've seen lot of business failed, it's sad. DR think US franchise is a gold mine but it's NOT. I ve a friend who run 18 McDs, it's no fun, it takes lot of responsibility and you need to be financially stable to run one restaurant. One...
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    Chef Pepper calls it quits in the DR

    Wow damn. Guess they dont fit for DR anymore lol
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    Chef Pepper calls it quits in the DR

    The one in Naco that ran 24/7 is gone? What about El Conde, it gone too?
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    Chef Pepper calls it quits in the DR

    I remember I went to IHOP at Sambil and it was great at start, months later, they went downhill. Why? Too expensive. Then it died, no more. Fuddruckers closed down because people don't go there anymore. Denny's is still open but one in Naco opens 24/7. Carl's Jr used be in Agora but closed...
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    Luis Abinader: The DR Will Not Welcome Members of International Mafias

    It is almost impossible to stop drug cartels.
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    Alstom to supply monorail system for Santiago

    What ticks me off do you think everyone knows how to use the website? They could had just create .com with easy to use. I found the map: For the Cable Car (Telefrico Route):
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    Indotel readies start of plan to remove excessive wiring on capital city streets

    The only solution is get all wires underground. Problem solved.
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    Is the 200 school busses tender pre-arranged?

    More union BS. I hate union, we need a public company