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    Driver’s License Renewal - grace period

    Thanks for the input 👍🏽
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    Driver’s License Renewal - grace period

    I will be out of country when my driver’s license expires. Does anyone know the grace period after expiration for renewals? I’ve tried searching the government website to no avail.
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    Residency Renewal while abroad

    My husband and I now spend most of our time in the U.S. but plan on returning to the DR eventually. Since we had already gone through the ridiculous nonsense of renewing our temporary residency 4 times we figure we might as well keep going with it. Last February we finally got our "permanent"...
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    Assisted Living / Elder Care in PC/Bavaro

    Is this a thing? My parents are getting on in age and I though I'd start investigating care options. Doesn't have to be full time care. Maybe a service or individual that just checks in periodically to make sure everything is okay.
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    Rethinking Permanent Residency

    My husband and I started our residency journey in 2013/2014. Just yesterday we transitioned from the temporary to the "permanent" RP-1 residency card. Each year it's a hassle. Dealing with the idiots at Migracion makes my blood boil. For the past 3 years they have screwed something up and...
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    Reputable Homeowners Insurance

    Looking for suggestions of reputable homeowners insurance company.  I'm looking to insure a condo in Bavaro.
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    Claro - Transferencia de Balance charges

    Can someone explain what "Pasatiempo Postpago de Claro" charges are for on a post-paid plan on Claro? Is it basically just a mechanism by which one puts money or minutes on someone else's phone? Can you remove that capability?
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    Traveling back to the US with dog

    After almost 7 years in the DR and over 10 years away, my fianc? and I are returning to the US. I thought bringing our dog along would be relatively easy but I've just received a response from American Airlines that passengers can't directly transport their pets as cargo to the US anymore (since...
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    Double Charge at Sunix

    I got gas at the Sunix in PC last Saturday and they made two charges (different amounts) to my credit card. I normally walk over and watch them but I didn't this time and they got me. Yes. I know cash is king and I'm stupid for thinking I can get away with using a credit card in the DR...
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    Can I get fingerprints taken at Policia Nacional?

    My fianc? needs to get a set of fingerprints taken to provide to his consulate here in the DR. (Needs to get a certificate of good conduct from his home country). Is this something the PN can provide? If so, anyone know which police station in the East can do this?
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    Tricom office in Bavaro

    Anyone know where it is now? Used to be in Plaza Mayoral I believe but it's not there anymore.
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    Passport photo in Bavaro/El Cortecito

    Tried searching but the newest thread is 4 years old so I figure I'd ask again. Anyone know where to get a passport photo in the Bavaro/El Cortecito area? I'm heading off to the consulate at Palma Real and need some pics of my handsome mug :p
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    Entering DR next, passport expires in 4 months.

    My US passport expires in August. I'm concerned they're going to give me a hard time at immigration in Punta Cana. I have my Dominican residency. Not sure if that will make a difference. I don't have enough time even with expedited service to get my passport renewed before I leave. I'm...
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    Odd occurrence at PUJ while leaving for US

    I travel back to the US every 6-8 weeks through PUJ. Typically when leaving I give the immigration agent my passport and residency card, they smile, stamp my passport and I'm on my way. This time, the immigration agent looked at my residency card like she'd never seen one before, called the...
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    Depositing money in someone else's bank account.

    I didn't think it would be this hard. I need to deposit funds into the business account of my lawyer in Santo Domingo (I'm in Bavaro). I wrote a personal check (from my US bank) to the law firm and attempted to deposit the check into their account at Banco Popular. (I don't have an account at...
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    Claro pre-paid data plan

    Can someone remind me the number to dial to buy pre-paid data on Claro? Something like *123# I switched to a post-paid plan a year ago and have already forgotten what the number is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ugh... Tricom and Claro problems

    My Tricom WiMAX service has been out all day. My "backup" internet connection with Claro DSL has been slow for the past week and at times totally unusable. Anyone in the East having issues with Tricom WiMAX or Claro DSL as well?
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    Anyone know a reputable plumber in Bavaro?

    PM me if you can. At my wits end.
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    Who needs water...right?

    So i'm having a bunch of work done on my place. Pretty much gutted the entire first floor. Plumbing, electrical... all sorts of crap. The house it totally ripped apart. Abruptly at 5:00 pm, the banging stops. A few minutes later I head downstairs and all the workers are gone. They're done...
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    Claro 4G LTE is awesome!

    I'm getting 40Mbps downloads! No that is not a typo. I'm sitting at Dalia's in Plaza Turquesa (Bavaro) using my iPhone as a hotspot. These speeds are insane.