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    Dangerous walk RIP Charley

    I am so very sorry for your loss :cry:
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    Omicron Protection

    Has had a premier nursing school for 130 years, and a history of graduating the finest nurses.
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    Coronavirus Covid-19 Bulletin #532/ 1 September 2021

    Does "Additional testing is still required to identify if the Delta variant is in circulation." mean that this testing is being done, and if so, is the Delta variant showing up at this time ? Thank you
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    Easter goodies

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    Easter goodies

    Happy Easter !
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    Dominicans are getting older

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    Lawyer in Santiago

    I would like to find an English-speaking attorney in Santiago, one for residency and family law questions. Or seperate attornies for each, if necessary. TIA Bests to all, -- L
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    Flu shots

    Are flu shots available in the DR, particularly in Santiago? If so, during which months is it usually offered, and where might you get them, and the approximate cost? Over the years, I've seen so many folks suffer with flu symptoms. I might assist friends in purchasing them, if not...
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    Best dentist in Santiago

    Hello everyone, I would like to know of a first rate dentist for putting in crowns in Santiago. Someone with modern facilities. A phone number would be helpful. Thanks in advance
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    Need LT Room with AC but reasonable price

    Hello all, Does anyone know of a reasonably priced LT hotel with AC? Would appreciate the phone number. TIA