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    Harrisons and Premier Jewellry in Sosua???

    I was informed recently that Harrisons in Sosua has closed its doors. When I was there last year it looked closed then but I was told it was still open. So I am wondering if Premier Jewellry is still open. Does anyone know? Thanks .
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    Location in Puerto Plata

    Hi all, I was wondering if someoneone could tell me where Los Nuevo Reyes is near in Puerto Plata? Is it close to the rum factory or the amber museum? Thanks
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    Translation Help Please

    Hi all, I just received a text from mi amiga and I can understand most of it, but am having a problem with this part "puedes usted enbiarme(I think should be enviar) su coreo electronico el que tengo tiene problema hablar con uste. What I think she said is send me your email address the rest...
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    Quisqueya: Mad Dogs & English Couple

    Hi all, okay I'm here and I know that you already mentioned where I could buy the book, but I forgot can you tell me again? I'm in Sosua. Thanks
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    Cell phone message

    I want to leave a message in Spanish on my cell. This is what I want to say : I am not available at the moment,please leave a message and I will call you back very soon. This is what I found. Is it too formal? No soy en el momenta, licencia disponible al mensaje por favor y le llamare...
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    Okay, so I'm hooked on Telenovelas, I mean big time. lol. I'm going to Sosua at the end of August and I was wondering if there are any good novelas on tv there. I know that I can catch the Young & Restless(novela that it is) but I want to watch Spanish ones. Does anyone know if they have any...
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    "Salsa on St. Clair".... Toronto Ontario

    Salsa on St. Clair is this Saturday and Sunday. Carlos Cruz plus a whole lot of other performers will be there. I'll be there. Who else is going?
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    Hispanic Fiesta

    Does anyone know who will be performing this year at the Fiesta? Last year it was Carlos Cruz. I may be wrong, but I thought it was always 3 days rather than 4. Also is anyone going to see Zacharias Ferreira(that is the day the Fiesta begins)?
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    Music Question

    Hi everyone, I have a question and this is probably a longshot, but I just found this Christmas cd here and the title is Christmas in the DR and track #11 is cascabels. By any chance would anyone know the name of this cd? :ermm: Thanks
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    New businesses across from Casa Marina

    I have a question?? What happened to the tatoo parlor that used to be across the road form Casa Marina? I noticed that there are a couple of new stores on that side of the street now. really nice stores too. So where did the tatoo place go? WIth all of the walking that I did, I didn't see...
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    Queen's/Washington Heights

    Can someone tell me how far Queen's is from Washington Heights? I have only been hearing of WH since I joined the forum. Is there a good Dominican restaurant there? Also (I ask this question all the time) where can I pick up some relatively reasonable spices while there,(besides an...
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    Song lyrics

    I need help. I have been listening to this song by Raulin Rodriguez and the chorus is: no, no se de nada or no no tiene da nada. Does anyone know the lyrics to a song that might have those words in them by Raulin. Thanks
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    Black Coral

    Does anyone know anything about black coral? Is it usually a smooth surface or is it supposed to crack? Just wondering because I purchased a piece only last week and it is beginnig to crack and chip, so I was wondering if that was normal or did I get a bum piece of jewellry.
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    Question: Would it be okay to use a Brita filter for the water in the DR or should I just get bottled water?
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    Maggi Sazon in Queens New York

    Question: I was wondering where I would be able to get some Sazon in New YorK? Jamaica, Queens to be exact. Would most of the stores carry that particular product. Also what about Jersey (Orange)? Would SHoprite have any? I am running low and it doesn't look like I am going to get back to...
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    Dominican Clubs/Restaurants in Montreal

    Question: I know that it was mentioned somewhere on DR1 about Domincan Clubs in Montreal, but I can't seem to find any names. Can someone tell me where some of these places are in Montreal? Thanks
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    Rubi Radio Station

    Does anyone have any information on this station? For a while there ,they were reporting the news at 1:00 & 6:00. I have to wait for the 6:00 news because I can't access the station at work. The past couple of times that I tuned in, there was no news at 6:00 (I know some of you might be...
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    Christmas songs/Cd's

    Okay, I am officially decorated for Christmas, the office, my car, wreaths on the house doors( Still have a lot more to decorate there) and now I need some more Christmas music. Besides the Latin Music Store on St. Clair, does anyone know where I can purchase some Christmas cd's in or around...
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    New Ice Cream Parlor in Sosua

    I have been hearing that there is a new Ice Cream Parlor called "Bon" in Sosua. I was there in July and I don't recall seeing it when I was there and I walked all over town. Can someone give me a general idea of where it is located , if I start at Casa Marina.
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    Cell Phone Question

    I got so excited about getting that pin for my 200th post, I forgot to ask my intended question. When people get their cell phones upgraded to new ones they keep the old ones. I was reading that some women's shelters will take the cell phones and get them activated for some of the women. My...