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    In my experience a bad lawyer sign is the lack of communication, such as not responding to emails within 24 hours. Even if you don't know the answer, acknowledge your client and highlight that you are working on an answer. That frustration was something I can't deal with in any type of...
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    Protection from Land Invasion

    I am having the same problem with a vacant home in Santo Domingo. Could anyone recommend a security guard company?
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    Security: Need to Seal a Vacant House (Santo Domingo)

    Greetings, I have a home in Santo Domingo that is currently vacant. I would like to hire a company to border up the property and have a watchman on site. Please share any recommendations.
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    Website to Research Recently Sold Homes in The DR

    Is there a website that tracks the sales price of recently sold homes?
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    4th Stage of Santo Domingo's Malecon Improvement

    They have to ban the dump trucks from passing it
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    Need Recommend Courier Service for Cigars U.S. < D.R.

    Dominican cigars are 30% more expensive than in USA due to taxes. Unless you're buying cubans which are ultra overpriced. I only buy cigars in DR if they're limited edition like the Arturo Fuente Pinks or impossible to find here.
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    Arturo Fuente Cigar Club - First Impression

    They are sure. But that's 5x resell profit helps smoke a lot more
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    Arturo Fuente Cigar Club - First Impression

    Grab the limited edition Rare Pinks, in stock now. Not an out of this world smoke, more for collectability
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    The real truth about rentals in Sosua

    Traveled to Sosua on Saturday for the first time to visit a friend in town. I left so fast and wanted to take a bath in holy water on the way home. More prostitutes than tourists. Even minors. Hell on Earth.
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    Cigars in the DR

    19°28'46.4"N 70°36'16.0"W 19.479550, -70.604433 GPS coordinates. Or ask a local for "Tabacalera Sanchez"
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    Cabarete vs Las Terrenas

    lolololol, I'm Dominican from NJ. During our week long stay last year we looked at property as we were mildly interested in a beach vacation home. We have been tracking the news on the Dominican government's increased infrastructure investments and the recent additions of airline routes from...
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    Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic

    awesome. Have you had the pizza at Casa Azul? That place is delicious
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    Bad Bunny concert selling fast

    I bought 7 terrenos, excited for this one. Just went to the show in Montreal and it was so LOUD. The Latinos in Canada were wild.
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    Guess what's in Santo Domingo?

    Seen that outside SBG at Casa de Campo last year
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    No Response From Guzman Ariza Attorney

    Thanks again to those that posted more than a twitter rant response on the attorney that went ghost. Special thanks to the 2 members providing extra insight value in the PM. Wow, didn't expect some members to get so emotional over a customer service inquiry because they didn't read well... ...
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    Cabarete vs Las Terrenas

    It's definitely the next Tulum
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    Santo Domingo tap water

    I've been fine brushing my teeth with tap water
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    No Response From Guzman Ariza Attorney

    Huh? What type of projects are those
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    No Response From Guzman Ariza Attorney

    It's definitely not. I gotta cojelo suaaave, no Lean Six Sigma. Sounds like an interesting job, construction? During my stay I passed by the National Aquarium, it looked exactly how it looked when I went to Carol Morgan in the 80s.
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    No Response From Guzman Ariza Attorney

    If so then the website has to be updated by removing the attorney's profile page and the email "out of office" reply updated with follow-up information. All standard customer service procedures.