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    the mooch day

    for the most part is was pretty good...not many asked me for anything which was nice,,,oh there was the odd begging here and there but i usually cut it short :) anyhow i have to tell you's about this 1 day which almost like ev1 i came into asked for something :)...hence the name of this post :)...
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    To All |Doomsayers..:)

    i have been down here for 3 days and these are my observations #1...sosua is much cleaner #2...more people out and about #3...beach is teeming with families #4...newer buildings and highways much better #5...night life much better controlled is much better here :) they have done alot...
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    you'll never look at food the same way :)

    hope ya liike them :)
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    Congratz to DR baseball team...

    DR vs Cuba in Baseball Cup Congratz to the DR. Nice to see them make it to the final after the steroids scandal that just passed.
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    Kid Camacho

    am watching a movie called kid comancho it is mostly in spanish but with enuf english that i can follow the story the reason i started this thread is i noticed alot of similarity of people and attitudes as in the dr. but the movie is set in mexico... there is...
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    i wonder if deep down these dr's think we are un civilized and ignorant because we don't know how to communicate with each other in a more friendlier way :) what are your oppinions folks?.....:confused:
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    need a lil clarity

    i've tried to give reputation points to several posters on things i liked now i have given these folks a point or 2 in the past and for some reason it keeps saying i need to spread the points around it's not like i'm stuffing the ballot box as i try to be honest and fair with the system...
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    just curious.....but with all the turmoil in the world at present how many know and think about his opinions or prophecies... from what i've heard and read, he's alot more accurate than the earth quake predictors
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    anyone know why?

    there was a thread that was closed concerned busted in sosua? anyone know why?
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    post our pet pics

    anyone intereseted in postin thier pet pics.... and would it be acceptable to the mods.... not sure about the protocol for this stuff :)
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    posting pictures

    hi all, wanted to share some pics of the pig roast i had while on vacation so others could seems i'm allowed to post a thread but not allowed to attach a picture.....yet i've seen many pictures in posts.....what do i need to do to get to that point... lol...i'm even willing to pay a few...