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    2023 Hurricane Season

    Mike, hope you are recovering, here they call it grippe. My husband calls it “ that damn shit”.
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    2023 Hurricane Season

    I have figured out how to deal with a 7 day forecast on NHC. Just don’t click on it!
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    2023 Hurricane Season

    Hey Mike, you still there? You are my go to guy! I’m not sure I like these 7 day forecasts, more time to angst. But, as you said , they are looking pretty accurate, at least in predicting something that is not even there.
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    stunning beach at the Playa at BAHÍA DE LAS ÁGUILAS

    When starting a thread please remember that the readers are spread throughout this country. If you could state where you are reading your post would be more enlightening for the readers that may only be familiar with the area they live in. Thanks for reading this
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    Dominican Government International Scholarships 2023

    I have a nurse that comes to my house daily to provide services. Problem is, she doesn’t speak a word of English. So, when she wants to tell me something she calls her sister who speaks perfect English to translate. One day I asked her where her sister lived and she said “in Russia”! Her...
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    Re: U.S. Social Security Administration: Is this a phishing attempt or real?

    from Pularvik. we get the form every year. Our SS pensions are deposited in an account in Canada, but our mailing address is in the DR. Probably it’s the mailing address in the DR that triggered it, or maybe our account in Canada? My husband says that they just want to be sure we are not dead.
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    Re: U.S. Social Security Administration: Is this a phishing attempt or real?

    We get one of these every year. Not sure what triggers it but you must submit it. It comes with a return envelope. This is not a scam people!
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    Trouble at Perla Marina

    The entire country of Bermuda is serviced by roof water collection. Tho by now I expect they might also have desalinization plants. However, the roofs are painted with a special non-toxic paint and there are very strict laws on how you must maintain your roof.
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    Brought in a frozen turkey, 3-4 years ago. Nobody said a thing..had to bring it as a carry on since it was to big for the suitcase. Short flight from Canada, it stayed frozen.
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    Searching for an oxygen concentrator home or model.

    Farmacól, they have stores in all the big cities. They carry a good brand of o2 concentrator. very expensive here but they have a good brand. Best to buy in USA , you can even get used/ reconditioned. Careful, if they have lithium batteries as they won’t ship here. Best to have someone...
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    Seeking sod.

    I want to hear about the sand trick. My lawn is lumpy.
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    Natural History question - what is the creature making a sound at night

    I was amazed to find a very small tree frog was responsible for a huge noise. At night . My neighbor traced it down one night. There is one night hawk but the noice would change as it flew about. The tree frog stays in place while it bellows.
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    Status of Single Envelope Mailed to the D.R.

    EPS has one address for parcels. They have a different address for letters. I got my Visa card thru EPS. we have a mail forwarding service in Michigan, they forward to EPS in Miami which then forwards it to us. Sounds complicated but it works. there is a post office in every big town in the...
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    Trying to emerge from the dark ages

    Update, Greg has talked us thru install and any problems we have encountered. There has been a couple of brief down times but mostly we are very happy with this service. The only problem is we cannot replicate the DVR service we had with Dish.. Thus we are not able to record events/shows to...
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    Plan a trip to watch whales in Samana

    The whales are leaving Samana. There was a good sighting off the malecon in Cabrera about 2 days ago. There was a mother whale with her calf. Best book a trip for next year.
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    I will deliver my cartons to Miami. Who should I use for deliver my house in Santo Domingo

    Montero shipping, Miami. Used them a lot. Have a shipment on the way as we speak. Google their website and contact them.
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    Ophtalmologist in SD

    Instituto Espaillat Cabral . Very large .fully equipped with a surgical room.
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    Starlink Arrived in the DR

    Chico Bill: re tower . We need it 3 meters higher than the roof. Do you think a pipe placed in concrete and braced to the wall would be adequate? I have purchased from Starlink an adapter that connects the dish to a pipe.
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    Starlink Arrived in the DR

    Got mine in November. Turns out the 2 story house next door and the avacado tree on the other side are semi blocking our reception. We have to raise the dish. Our speeds are in the 20-30 range. We are having a tower constructed to raise the dish 3 meters and it will be clear. my daughter...