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    Tropi-Car rental, POP

    Does anyone know if Tropi-Car has gone out of business? They had a business operating out of POP airport. The email address isn't working and I can't phone at the moment. I know a couple of posters on here had some dubious tales about them but I had rented from them on a number of occasions...
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    :surprised A bit bored at work and surfing the net and I have just seen that there is a return flight on Tues 1st June,Manchester,UK to POP on sale at ?278... 389 US$ and 14 nights AI in Playa Dorada for ?280 ..... 392 US$. That is just so cheap. I am not sure whether it reflects on our new...
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    Suncamp DR - Munoz

    Is there anyone on here who is renting or has rented one of these apartments in Munoz? It seems to have grown dramatically from when I remember it as a few apartments and a building with just rooms. It now has 25 apartments and I was wondering if anyone can give me any more info? And...
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    Just wanted to say Hello!

    Hi everyone, My first post for nearly 18 months....... I have been reading and catching up over the last few days, I couldn't resist writing something.... nothing changes on the DR1 forums ..... :laugh: Major changes going on here in the UK. So many people are at risk of losing their jobs...
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    spanish typing in vista

    I am staying tuned for the next instalment - it is absolutely gripping................. lol
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    Sea Horse Equestrian Centre

    Hi, Does anyone have any feedback on the Sea Horse Ranch....... and has actually been? Just the horseback riding - not interested in anything else SeaHorsey! Rio
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    Frying pan

    Hey folks, Tell me how to say "frying pan" please.... Need one bought for me ready for Rio's tried and tested ... "big fry up hangover cure" in August! :cheeky: Rio
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    Beating myself up?

    OK all of you experts on the lingo - help me with this one...... Please give me answers that are both correct language wise AND get the meaning across of "I am beating myself up" ? i.e giving myself an unneccessarily hard time without anyone else being involved.... I have tried and failed...
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    Translation needed - car insurance terminology

    DR1 ers - I need some translation help and a bit of info on the following...... Here in England if we insure a car it will have one of the following cover types:- Third party - liability for damage to a third party in the event of an accident. Third party, Fire and Theft - As above and self...
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    I have a question myself......

    This seems as good a time and place as any, and doesn't stray from the thread too much, to ask this question of the females who are so vociferously supportive of their friends who just so happen to work in Dominican resorts. The scenarios that we describe when we try and warn people of the...
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    Yellow is now green?

    In this brave new world of the dr1 message board all the yellow squares have turned green - which I thought was for 200 points past 500? What is happening - is it a glitch or could I have gone colour blind perhaps? :ermm: Rio
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    Price of a Gas Cooker in the POP area?

    I am thinking of buying a free standing gas cooker for my Dominican friend who lives in the Puerto Plata area as a surprise. Could any of you living in the Puerto Plata - Sosua areas give me an idea of the current prices I would expect to pay in town? Further afield - e.g Santiago is impossible...
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    Calling out around the world......

    Hi to everyone, I have often wondered how many of the avid and regular posters on DR1 are actually in other countries than the DR? I am in the UK and always have to catch up on the previous evenings posts the next morning as we are 5 hours ahead. Then I have to wait until mid afternoon for...
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    Help - what does it mean?

    To the respected speakers of Spanish who speak and understand better than I do on this one..... I phone my best friend daily and I chuckle because there always seems to be a word or phrase that is "in fashion" and gets used to death! Recently we have had "todo bajo control" and " tu sabe como...
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    Problems with the Orange Network?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if there is a general problem with the Orange network in the Puerto Plata area? For the last few days it has been impossible to contact my friends in POP from the UK without making numerous attempts. A lot of the time it sounds like the phone is ringing and then...
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    Puerto Plata - prison visits

    Hi everyone, Someone we know is in prison long term in Fortaleza in Puerto Plata. We are going out in January and would like to visit them. I know visiting is on Wednesday and Sunday - do we need a pass? More importantly, is it safe for white females to visit, I am cautious about going - the...
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    Anyone from Puerto Plata living in the UK?

    Any Dominicans or Brits from the Puerto Plata region living in the UK,especially in the North? It would be great to contact people with a similar background/interest and not have to wait until my next visit to speak Spanish, music and the DR!
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    Papers for marriage in DR

    Is it possible to bring out the neccessary documents from England and have them prepared in the Dom Rep in order to marry a Dominican? How much notice do you have to give to the authorities for a civil ceremony? The cost of translation and approval in the UK is spiralling upwards all the time...
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    English speaking lawyer in Santiago?

    Can anyone recommend a good English speaking lawyer in Santiago. An old friend of mine has been held in jail in Santiago for 4 months now on a pretty minor offence. He has never been to the Fiscal and has not seen a lawyer yet - pressure of work, summer vacation , unkept appointments etc- ie the...