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    Map of Santiago, Satellite Radio, Continental Airfares

    I will be re-locating to Santiago in mid October from New Jersey. Just so you know, Continental Airlines is offering GREAT rates for non-stop flights to Santiago. (from Newark, NJ) I paid $139 complete! Check it out! This forum has been SO helpful! I have learned so much from reading this...
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    Relocating-Want to take parakeets with me

    I am relocating to the DR next month. I made reservations for my two cats to be with me in the cabin. I was told that my parakeets would need to go thru cargo and to call a separate number.(Continental Airlines) I called the other number and was told that there is an "embargo" on birds. I...
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    What are the Airlines that are most pet friendly?

    Hi, I will be re-locating to the DR and want to bring my two cats and two parakeets with me. Which airlines are the most pet friendly and allow both of my cats as a carry on? Thanks!:cheeky: