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    Armed robbery at Sosua Beach

    Yesterday around 7pm. a swedish tourist was robbed by 3 Haitiens with machetes right after he left Scandinavian Beach bar. They took his backpack with some money, and important papers.
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    Renewel of permanent residencia

    My permanent residencia has expiered, and I have to renew. I got an offer from a lawyer, that he could do it for me without me having to go to Santo Domingo. I could just give him my expiered residencia card, and I would get the new one in a couple of days. This would cost me 450 $. My question...
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    Metro vs Caribe Tours ?

    Does anybody know where Metro bus stops in Santo Domingo ? Is it far from the Caribe Tours station ? Which of the companies will be must convinient if you are going to Zona Colonial ?
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    Construction in Sosua ?

    Does anybody know what they will be building next to Harrisons on Pedro Clisante in Sosua ?
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    Sosua Flooded

    I have only looked out the window, but it Seems Sosua is completely flooded today. The road outside my apartment has become a river. And when I look at the pool area, Im glad Im living on the second floor.....
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    Opening hours Cabarete ?

    Think I have read that the opening hours in Cabarete now was 2am and 4am in the weekends, as a trial period of 30 days. Now I'm hearing that the opening hours in Cabarete is the same as Sosua, 1am and 2am in the weekends. Can anybody tell what is correct ?
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    I think this guide The Internet's premier travel guide to Puerto Plata, Sosua, and Cabarete could have been great if it had been updated. Does anybody knows the folk behind it, and in that case if they will start working on it again ? Seems like it must have been 2 or 3 years since they worked...
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    Can anybody help me with the phone number to Condor in Santo Domingo ? Found it.
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    The close down of Massage places in Sosua

    Does anybody know why almost all massage places (or at least the massage part of the places) in Sosua has been shut down ? Also the serious places like M&M, who never has offered a singel hand job, has stopped with massages.
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    Best City Hotel Puerto Plata ?

    Have som visitors here in Sosua, that wants an overnight trip to Puerto Plata. Need a reccomodation on a hotel with a central location down town, must be "guest friendly" and secure. Have been searching a bit, and Hotel Victoriano seems okay. Have anybody experiences with this hotel, and is it...
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    Travel insurance for Dominicans ?

    I have vaguely been thinking of bringing my Dominican girlfriend on a summer vacation to my European home country. It seems that she must have a travel / medical insurance for getting a visa. Is there insurance companies here that's selling travel insurance for Dominicans going abroad ? If so...
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    Sosua Bay / Casa Marina

    I was told that Sosua Bay and the Casa Marina hotels had the same owner or owner group. Can anybody confirm or deconfirm this ? I'm a bit curious, since I heard that in connectiont with a ruomor that they all will cut out the AI deals, and turn them into bed and breakfasts hotels.
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    Las Terrazas Sosua

    Suddenly a lot of the apartments at the new Las Terrazas in Sosua is put out for sale. Does anybody know if there is some problems or anything wrong there ?
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    Sosua - Verizon internet.

    I bought a new appartment a couple of months ago, and also took over the Verizon DSL deal from the former owner. Now I'm back in Sosua permanently, and have a couple of questions. I have the VIP plan (don't know why it's called VIP when it offers the lowest bandwith) I have checked that I got...
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    Problems with Cuba roundtrip ?

    If I'm not a resident in DR, and my returnticket to Europa is expired, will it be a problem to buy a weeks roundtrip ticket to Cuba in the DR ?
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    Residency and Tax

    Didn't find anything of the subjeckt in the archives. I understand that you have to pay tax of financial income abroad to the DR after 3 years as a resident. Can anybody fill me inn on how this works ? I wonder what the tax % is. Is it a system with a self declaration, or do the tax authorities...
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    Marina in Sosua ?

    Heard someone talked about there was started building of a marina at the place called the Generals beach in Sosua. Does anybody know about this, or is it just a rumour ?
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    Martinair, POP - Amsterdam

    According to Martinairs web site they will fly the route POP - Amsterdam on sundays and tuesdays this summer season. I have heard that they also will fly this route on thursdays. Can anyone confirm or deconfirm this ? Strange enough they don't have an email according to their website.
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    Sosua internet / unstable ?

    About the last three weeks, at our place we go offline in short periods of 3 to 10 minutes very frequently, sometimes nearly every hour. Is this only at our place, or is this happening in the whole Sosua net ?
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    Verizon sucks !!!

    I thought Verizon was a serious international firm ? It seems that they just are full of incompetent manana idiots. They should just do a simple planned change at Condos Dominicano in Sosua, a small job, estimated to an hour or so. Now we have been without internet for 2 days. I hope someone...