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    Art in the City-POP

    Another art lovers related post. For those interested in learning how to draw/paint.... across the street from Central Park, inside the large building with the gorgeous murals painted by ARTE 48, the artist collective that strives to encourage public participation of the arts in POP (an amazing...
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    Monday Night Jazz in POP

    As an art lover I am just sharing the following info for those who are interested. I discovered a great restaurant/lounge that has an awesome Dominican jazz band playing every Monday night at about 9pm in downtown POP. The food and drinks are good and reasonably priced. Its called ESQUINA and it...
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    PALO...D.R. Religion

    I attended a small Palo ceremony tonight in POP, my first. There was a very large (300 people) Palo ceremony that I unfortunately missed last Friday that only happens once a year. I am very interested in attending more so if anyone has any info please PM me. Thanks
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    Sunday Night Concert in Central Park

    There were 2 live bands playing in Central Park tonight...starting at about 8pm. A lot of families and children playing and couples in the Park. A beautiful night to sit and listen to music, people watch and eat ice cream from Bon. Not sure if it happens every Sunday night but would recommend...
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    Spanish Language Schools in POP?

    Need to improve my Spanish and looking for a good school in downtown POP. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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    SPAS/Health Retreats/Massages

    Can someone recommend a good spa/alternative health retreat and a good place to get a massage in the Puerta Plata area? Thanks
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    looking for THANK YOU CARDS

    I live in dowtown Puerto Plata and having a hard time finding Thank You CARDS. Anyone know where I can find them. Thanks
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    Ant Problem

    I have bit of an ant problem (the tiny ants) in my apartment and wanted to know if anyone had any tips (preferably without using a lot of chemicals) on how to get rid of the majority of them. I use the spray when I see a lot of them, but more the next day, have those little ant houses around the...
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    WELL DRILLING Information???

    Does anyone have any information where I can locate a company that specializes in well- drilling? A community about 30 minutes from Santo Domingo is in urgent need of fresh water! Thanks
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    ORANGE Cell Phone Problems

    Just have been experiencing some problems with my Orange cell phone service and wondering if others are experiencing the same. People in Canada, USA, Africa have said they are frequently getting a message when they call even though I available. Sometimes the phone display will say 'Emergency...
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    Wireless Internet Extenders

    I am looking to 'extend' my wireless internet connection. The wireless device is in my landlords house few hundred yards away from my apartment I cannot get a connection in my apartment I have to sit in their gallery. Which is ok in the day but inconvientant a night. Any suggestions on...
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    **FREE** Artist Festival Thurs April 24, 25, 26

    Just letting everyone know about a...... *FREE* Artist Festival that starts tomorrow (Thursday April 24th) to Saturday 26 from 10am to 10 pm each day, in downtown PUERTA PLATA! I was walking downtown Puerta Plata yesterday and saw various artists painting the most beautiful murals on the Old...
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    Looking to hire a man with a truck to transport some heavy items in Puerta Plata

    Hola, I was looking for a delivery man at a reasonable price, with a truck or van to transport some large and heavy items in the downtown Puerta Plata area this week? If anyone knows someone personally, please PM me. Gracias
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    How far is COTUI from dwnt. Puerta Plata???

    How far is COTUI from Puerta Plata, by car or bus? Gracias
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    Looking for "Non Cows Milk" in Puerta Plata

    I cant drink cows milk and was wondering if anyone knew where I can buy something like rice milk or similar? And how much I asked some Dominicans that I know where I could buy rice milk, etc. they looked at me confused LOL! I have been using canned coconut milk and adding water which is good...
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    Looking for used bedroom furniture in downtown P.P.

    Hello Everyone, I will be living in downtown Puerta Plata for at least 2 months and I am looking for inexpensive used bedroom (dresser drawers, bookstand, desk and chair, bedside tables, night lamp or desk lamp) and apartment furniture (Tv and TV stand), etc. If anyone knows where I can find...
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    Looking for Spanish English Dictionaries in P.P.

    Looking for Spanish English dictionary in downtown Puerta Plata. New or used is ok.
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    looking to meet cool people...Living in the D.R., Puerta Plata

    Hola, My name is Thandie, female, early-30's and I am living in the Dominican Republic, downtown Puerta Plata at the moment for at least 3 months. I have been here for a week and am originally from Toronto, Canada and my background is Caribbean from Jamaica. I would love to meet expats and...