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    Has anyone purchased a cana rock property

    i own a property in cocotal... still i pay a minimum fee for playing golf so its normal to pay a minimum fee for using the amenities. But please first rent for a couple of months and then decide.
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    Has anyone purchased a cana rock property

    I agree with the part that it has nothing to with Hard rock, but you can access the golf course and cana rock has its own beach club and other amenities. Good luck,
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    How to get near full Compliance on Vaccination

    i dont understand...
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    How to get near full Compliance on Vaccination

    Covid vaccines have been proven to have menstrual cycle disruption in women and rumours of erectile dysfunction in men, especially the astrazeneca vacccine.
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    Employers violating human rights in this country - need lawyer to help friend

    what if the person is a good employee and has allergies etc? it's not very prudent to not hire people based on the vaccination. i know many who got covid after being vaccinated.
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    No Alcohol after 3 PM?

    Nope...the colonel of bavaro came personally to many restaurants in bavaro and informed them. Strictly no alcohol or the businesses will be shut.
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    Restaurant Prices Shooting Up

    thats way to expensive... even for punta cana prices! I am a restauranteur and am very angry as there is no control of prices. Chicken used to 75 pesos per pound and in less than two weeks its 95, every supplier has increased upto 30%, gas, presidente beer, cepm... you name it and all messing...
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    Italian Resident found dead in fridge

    Sad truth is that the italian girlfriend and the other guy hired this tigre to kill her. Pool soul... no one should blame DR for the vicious girlfriend who wanted the victims money. Italian affair.
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    Airports to be shut down for 15 days from 10th Jan ??

    they say it just to say it. They have no freaking clue. Hotels were supposed to working on 50% capacity or something but all hotels are full... We have a new director of tourism in Bavaro and he is going around everyday to hotels, restaurants and verifying everything apparently verifying that.
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    Airports to be shut down for 15 days from 10th Jan ??

    See this thread, i do understand why theres a lot of panic buying in US and Canada, people would rather continue to ponder over a rumor than listen to realise the situation.. :LOL: :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:. AIRPORTS will not close. This message of mine is from the director of the...
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    Boosting Immune System

    nope... on the internet... or in punta cana. In USA, India and China available in every colmado, supermarket and or store with asians groceries.
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    Airports to be shut down for 15 days from 10th Jan ??

    why would you even wish for it...:LOL:
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    Airports to be shut down for 15 days from 10th Jan ??

    Just got the message that the PC airport will not close. So far the above news is just a rumour. There is a lot of incertitude all around and mis information. All those flying in to DR will be required to bring a PCR. The dominican airports will exige a PCR to enter the country.
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    Boosting Immune System

    For all those who believe in natural ways to boost your immunity, please drink an indian ayurvedic soup called Rasam. A very old indian health food.
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    Airports to be shut down for 15 days from 10th Jan ??

    i will confirm this news tomorrow!
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    What's Happening in Bavaro!

    Does someone have any actual information as to what happened to christian, the owner of Liquidos. Apparently he was attacked and hit on the head...everyone has a different version and no one knows the truth! It happened thursday night near the employee entrance of Palladium, not far from drink...
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    Robbed in Bavaro

    And do you think DR government cares? Recently a friend of mine, foreigner, was drugged and robbed at a prominent bar in Bavaro by prostitutes hanging out at that bar! Went to the police and they asked the victim to get the video footage which the bar didn't have so the police said they cannot...
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    For all those who knew Nic Raymakers.

    My dear Friends, To all those who knew Nic, the bright young chap who was in Construction business in Punta Cana, Bavaro, Macao areas, Passed away yesterday night in a motorcycle accident. This is more like a way to spread the message to his friends here in Bavaro, Punta cana. The embassy has...
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    Blue Mustang driven by crazy russian from cocotal.

    Today i was going to work from Cocotal to turquesa and was on a motoconcho. Between the stretch of Akikomo and turquesa i.e Avenida alemania, a crazy son of a bitch driving a blue mustang with two white stripes on the hood almost killed me and obviously my motoconcho! Driving almost at a speed...