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    Fire - Sosua

    Correct, this is Armando's place. As well as his place 3 other businesses were affected including the lotto place. There was one injury and this was a firefighter who was taken to hospital, hopefully this was a minor injury. Many of the fire fighters are volunteers and those that do have a...
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    Willy's Casino

    as far as I know, Willy runs the disco in the casino in Playa Chiquita in Sosua, but he does not own the disco or the casino.
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    Textbooks with errors; where were the editors?

    Kind of scary that they did not even highlight the very first error....the most important one!!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    R. I. P. Whirleybird

    My condolences to Shirley's friends and family. May she now sleep in peace....
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    Aerial Views of Samaná at Night

    Nice video
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    Elton John

    I very much doubt that he had anything to do with a deal with American Express, it was most likely the Dominican based promotors. I have gone to many events in the past here in the DR where I received a preferred ticket rate for having a Dominican based Visa card. Many events have special deals...
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    Elton John

    Elton John was here in February 2014 at Altos de Chavon. For the concert in Cap Cana, there are only 3000 tickets available and American Express card holders will have early access before they go on sale to the general public but I will be surprised if there will be any tickets left for the...
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    Keurig - K -pods

    I used to buy k-cups on Amazon, there are so many different brands that are much cheaper than Keurig. However, with shipping to the DR getting more and more expensive it was just not worthwhile to continue buying them. I just use the refillable pods and buy different coffees at the supermarket...
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    Best croissants on the north coast?

    Hi all, for those of you the suggested Dolci e Sapori were spot on. I went this morning on the way to dropping off my daughter at school. They are the best I have had on the north coast in the 20 years that I have lived here and my daughter is now extremely happy!!!
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    Best croissants on the north coast?

    Yes, they also deliver to Playero and they are not too bad. Their breads are good and I buy their ciabatta and baguettes on a regular basis. Going to get some crosissants from Dolci e Sapori tomorrow.
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    Best croissants on the north coast?

    Thanks Tom, will definitely try them. I have eaten there probably 30 times or so and is one of my favorite places in Sosua, but I have never tried their croissants!
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    Best croissants on the north coast?

    I need some recommendations for the best croissants on the north coast. My daughter loves croissants but after a recent trip to Paris she has now become very picky, in fact it is fair to say that she is now a croissant snob! The ones in Playero are so so and Belgian bakery in Cabarete is about...
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    Supermercado Playero

    They have it all the time in the deli meat section...but one thing with Playero, ALWAYS check the dates of their packaged deli meats, some have been sitting there for weeks. From time to time La Pola have very nice deli beef but you have to be lucky to get it.
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    With tropical storm Franklin on the way be prepared for long delays around the alternative route if we get heavy rain. If you need to go to Puerto Plata in the next couple of days you might want to go today or wait until the storm has passed. Chances are that we won't get too much rain here but...
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    Jumbo Expansion

    These were the images of the proposed shipping center that were going around in June last year. Really hope that it is something like this, it is time to have some sort of mall in Puerto Plata. Not sure if the construction that is going on there will be anything like the images but this was the...
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    Eating with used forks & food safety in DR

    I suggest that the OP stays at home....I am trying to think of something, apart from the food and drink, that is not previously used in a restaurant. Well, one would hope that the napkins were not used but from the pots and pans that the food was prepared in, to the utensils the food and drink...
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    Cattle rancher loses it all when lightning kills at least 17 of his cattle

    People complaining about the Mods whilst not saying a word about this poor farmer who probably just lost his only source of income...come on guys, leave the Mods out of this and have some pity. Imagine your source of income being wiped out in a matter of seconds. And to make it worse, the farmer...
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    I have never lived there, but I have lived in the DR for 20 years. My wife has family there and actually my youngest daughter has been there for the last 3 weeks. No clue about crime but I would assume that it is less than Santiago even if you compare per capita.
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    It is a small town with a public square in the center of town with a church. There is nothing outstanding about the place apart from it is the birthplace of the Mirabel sisters, national heroes of the Dominican Republic and there is a museum there dedicated to these heroes. As for the people...
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    Executive Branch orders the e-passport for Dominicans

    I agree, look at the residency renewal process, it is super fast in comparison to what it was like before. Just about everything is done online prior to going to SD. And if you live on the north coast that process was even longer due to the travel time and normally having to spend the night...