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    US Exchange Rate

    56.75 Marcos cambio Santiago
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    The charm of ole school restaurants.

    This one on El Conde... It's interesting to watch the usual characters and "beggars' set up shop in the morning.
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    Hi from Santiago de los Caballeros

    No need to be modest, your English is excellent!
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    Hi from Santiago de los Caballeros

    Were you educated in Santiago? Your English is outstanding.
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    American and child kidnapped in Haiti

    That might depend on whether or not ransom was paid. No matter what, she is indeed a courageous woman.
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    Boiling in Your Own Sweat

    People die in fires, why can't they boil in their own sweat? Makes perfect sense.
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    German Word ?

    Am I the only one having flashbacks to 5th grade? And catholic school, no less.
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    A Motorcycle Ride Report: The Border with Haiti

    First time seeing this thread. Great pictures and incredible story!
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    I normally agree with most of your posts, but we part ways on this one. I don't see a gender bender, I see a grossly overweight kid - who's probably been picked on his whole life - just harmlessly trying to enjoy himself. No child should have to cry himself to sleep at night.
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    That's wrong, so wrong.
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    Planning a future for missionary work in Haiti.

    Soldiers go to war knowing that they may die for their country. Regrettably, they often do. Christian Missionaries should know that going to a troubled region may lead to their own martyrdom. Following Christ, as these missionaries have, may lead to the same cross. In my opinion, they should be...
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    US Embassy asks people to tone down proofs of relationships

    How about a woman standing erect, with her hands on her hips and her mouth open, and the man slumped over hanging his head?
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    Expats Opinion: Luis Abinader & Re-election

    Mi amiga, who has both a law degree and teaching license, hates him. In her opinion, the best president in her lifetime was Balaguer. I don't know nearly enough about the finer points of D.R. politics to discuss it with her and so I just listen, although it can be like listening to a Ricky...
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    Premios Heat | Buika (Spaniard) | José Feliciano (Puerto Rican) | Ismael Cala (Cuban)

    Watched a clip on youtube: "No Habrá Nadie En El Mundo". Her voice reminds me of Sade. I like it.
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    Eating with used forks & food safety in DR

    Face it, satire is a lost art.
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    Who should I thank?

    Dark tonight with increasing light by morning.
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    SD in 1956

    Do you know the name of this book? I looked him up and he was quite a prolific author of both fiction and non-fiction. He wrote a book about Jamaica (1931) that I'm going to try and find for a friend. This particular book I would like for myself and future students.
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    SD in 1956

    Why volunteers? Does the D.R. not have chain gangs? You get 3 hots and a cot, and we get litter removal in exchange. Dress them up in pretty pink skirts and halter tops.