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    Industrial Appliance Repair

    Hi Guys, Would any of you happen to know of a good repair shop in Santo Domingo or Puerto Plata that repairs industrial appliances? (Already tried Equipamos, in Puerto Plata) I specifically need to get a washing machine and a dishwasher repaired. Both are large, hotel-grade, industrial type...
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    Current tile setting prices in SD or Santiago

    Hello All, Would someone by chance know the current going rate for tile setting in the capital or Santiago? I am looking for a per square meter price, both floor and wall, thanks- CC
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    Guther in Sosua

    Can anyone put me in contact with a German in Sosua by the name of Gunther? He does work installing doors and windows. He has long hair and wears no shoes. This is all of the information that I have on the guy. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Does anyone know of a good place to get CPR training in the country??
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    Ley 241?? Why bother?

    So here is the story. I was driving down the road, put my turn signal on and turn left into a parking lot in Cabrera when I get t-boned by a motorcycle. When this happened the front tires of my vehicle were already entering the parking lot. The motorcycle was attempting to pass me and it slammed...
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    Online Ordering, U.S. Credit Card, HP and other online companies

    I had some family come and visit me just the other week. Before they came out though, I decided to order a few things online to their house in the U.S. I attempted to order 2 items. One was an extra battery from HP and another was a wireless router from another online seller (which I can't...