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  1. Luperon

    Refund of $10 on canceled ticket

    Wife (Dominican citizen) and I had to cancel and rebook our tickets on jetblue. No problem, told all refundable with that particular level of ticket. Jetblue refunds all but $20, I chat and they say, Dominican Tourist fee is not refundable. So we rebook and pay the fee again. Jetblue chat...
  2. Luperon

    What does a Dominican need to take a cruise originating in the DR?

    What does a Dominican need to take a cruise originating in the DR, assuming the Dominican is willing to stay on the ship at non Dominican ports? Just cedula? Dominican passport? Visa? Any advice, experience, or recommendations to someone that might know appreciated. Travel agent, etc
  3. Luperon

    Whatever happen to AHY-BAR in SANTIAGO

    Where is AZB? Asking for a friend. Ccccccccccc
  4. Luperon

    Where to buy AC and TV, Santiago

    Looking for a 65 inch tv and a 9000 btu more/less inverter 110v split ac. Any recommendations in and around Santiago. Maybe a mother's day sale? Much Appreciated. Happy Mothers Day
  5. Luperon

    Santiago airport 32" tv duty?

    I know they xray everything at STI. Are they currently trying to charge a customs fee on a 32 inch tv? What about two 32 inch TVs in the same suit case? Thank you
  6. Luperon

    Should US Citzens Protest the DR for How Haitians are Treated?

    Sure. Let this type of political speech run wild. lol
  7. Luperon

    Retiring and Wanting to Move to the DR

  8. Luperon

    Stolen Kidney in DR

    Seems to be a credible source.
  9. Luperon

    Will the National Census count the migrants who live in the country?

    In robot voice to self...." do not voice opinion, they are not welcome. "
  10. Luperon

    Fiona is an independent; President orders people get off on Monday

    Was it necessary to stop work in the entire country? I doubt it.
  11. Luperon

    Santiago monorail and cable car to be in operation by 2024

    They need a HUGE undercover law enforcement undertaking of the taxi mafia.
  12. Luperon

    Seventh case of monkeypox in DR

    The real "dont say gay" issue.
  13. Luperon

    Peso is now at RD$53 to US$1

    Wait till the world currency is no longer the dollar. One cant address the reasons on social media or risk the repercussions of truth.
  14. Luperon

    Santiago monorail and cable car to be in operation by 2024

    When will it reach sti? Hopefully the taxi mafia will not stop it.
  15. Luperon

    Eden Norte bill

    Wow. It took 50 posts to get to the obvious answer. 1. Someone is stealing. 2. She is purposely letting someone connect. 3. She has the ac on high 24/7 and she is an abuser and/or plain stupid. Sorry for the possible hurtful answers. See hillbilly's rules on dating. Or do some covert...
  16. Luperon

    Warning to DR1ers: Defamation of the DR is not allowed

    More to the story for sure
  17. Luperon

    US State Department backs advances in supply chains and economic growth

    Is this the thread where US political talk is allowed?
  18. Luperon

    Whatever Happened To These DR1ers??

    Lol. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Many would say his scales of justice were skewed. Can I get a like if in agreement?
  19. Luperon

    Whatever Happened To These DR1ers??

    Bright lawyer.. lol.... I would use other words.
  20. Luperon

    Cable Atlantico Channel #50 CNN

    So true