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  1. M4kintosh

    Banco Santa Cruz New Headquarters

    Compared to other DR banks, yes.
  2. M4kintosh

    Stay away from Haina/San Cristobal today

    Ruta 66 is one of many buses services between Santo Domingo and San Cristobal. It goes from Parque Enriquillo in SDQ to Haina/San Cristobal.
  3. M4kintosh

    Banco Santa Cruz New Headquarters

    100% this. Last month they changed their Bancanet (both for business and personal banking) and it was a mess in terms of communication and customer service. I'm rethinking my options on keeping with them.
  4. M4kintosh

    Wow! Effects of the Hard Rains in Santo Domingo

    Just In: Malecón Avenue at Santo Domingo Este just collapsed. The City Hall just reported a landslide closing the main access to the floating bridge via Downtown SDQ
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    Wow! Effects of the Hard Rains in Santo Domingo

    Update (11:20pm) @NALs - 8 deaths (and counting on the collapse of the tunnel at the Máximo Gómez and 27 de Febrero: - Santo Domingo Oeste main avenues like Isabela Aguiar, transformed into rivers. The southwest side of the Distrito (Avenida Independencia, El 12, Haina) - Plaza de la...
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    Santo Domingo Game

    Please note: this season, Licey online ticketing system flopped and they're doing it manually. You have to go to the stadium and buy it from them. Go early as you mentioned, @Bananas1, because it's a chaos (especially on those dates because you're already in the middle of the season and when...
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    Popeyes chicken

    KFC is a mastodon in the country. So far, their growth has been with low prices and affordable specials (with average meals around 7-15USD) since post-covid (they were one of the few franchises that didn't struggle during covid times) ... but their quality has been a downturn for many Dominicans...
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    Popeyes chicken

    Their price range puts them in the "luxury pica pollo" side for now. They're more expensive than KFC, Pollo Rey and Victorina combined Current pica pollo prices (as of 10/15) for 8-9 piece combo (prices in pesos) - Popeyes 1,495 - KFC 1,299 -...
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    Sirena: First Dominican Stores with Auto Checkout

    That's why they're deploying this only in upscale areas in Santo Domingo (where security concerns aren't of a issue). As they mentioned, the system only works at Lope de Vega and soon, Churchill Ave. It's the same with their delivery service. Not all sirena and Pola stores have their dedicated...
  10. M4kintosh

    Popeyes chicken

    The long lines this afternoon. A whole block around Churchill Ave. full of cars waiting for the popeyes drive-thru:
  11. M4kintosh

    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    Slow work, but lovely weather btw.
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    Cooperativa Herrera Simplified

    The Ministerio Público calls it Operacion Buho (Operation Owl): - Executives used customer's savings for money laundering - Board members pocketed every penny from customers or transferring it to other businesses - Some executives even used a pyramid scheme to fake accounts/clients asking for...
  13. M4kintosh

    Irrigation Canal at Masacre River

    The President, earlier this morning at the border supervising the canal:
  14. M4kintosh

    Jumbo in San Francisco de Macorís

    For example, Almacenes Unidos opened in Punta Cana days ago. Its first store outside of Santo Domingo. Before that, people in Punta Cana used to drive 5-6 hours to SDQ just to buy things from that specific store. That's, I guess, is progress.
  15. M4kintosh

    Popeyes chicken

    Update: Grupo Agape, franchise owners of BK, KK, Papa Johns and now Popeyes, invited the mayor of Santo Domingo for a sneak preview: cc @AlterEgo
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    Marbete 2022

    The "Marbete Season" as I call it, usually begins from Oct 15-18th onwards Jan. This year is kinda weird. They haven't announced anything on newspapers and the rest of the media. DGII is usually very disciplined promoting the season days prior the renewal process. Stay tuned next week or the 15th.
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    Vehicles must carry two plates from next year!

    In the interview he states that this roadmap will be in different phases: - Q4 2023: Bidding contractors - Q4 2024: New plates with QR codes - Somewhere 2025: camera tickets That's my interpretation of what he said on video. Also, he mentions that the database (drivers, insurance companies...
  18. M4kintosh

    Asonahores appoints Aguie Lendor as its new executive vice-president

    More details about her: - She previously lobbied for the Rum industry - Member from the DR-American business chamber on legal aspects - Heavy background on corporate/gov affairs
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    Popeyes chicken

    No. Just one location. Churchill Ave. (check the photos in this thread) They're sharing everything on instagram:
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    Vehicles must carry two plates from next year!

    Hugo Beras, the INTRANT director with a new (weird) update about the front plates: - Next month the institution will place a public bid for the company(ies) will provide the service - Old plates will be fully replaced with the new ones - The system will work with front and rear plates - ALL...