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  1. Xavier_Onassis

    The Dominican Peso will be 1:1 with the US Dollar Again?

    The dollar has suffered less inflation that the pound, the Euro and a lot of other national currencies. "Tranisition to socialism?" Please.
  2. Xavier_Onassis

    Barahona travel is curtailed

    Well, after many fits and starts, bus service has returned to Barahona. First I think the government shut down the service, then there were a couple of strikes by the bus company employees.
  3. Xavier_Onassis

    International wire transfer.

    I have used Remitly. If I use my debit card, it normally takes under an hour. If I transfer from my bank account, it is 4 days, with a slightly better exchange rate. There is no fee if the amount is over $1000 USD, under that, it is $4.99. Service is good, rarely have I been put on hold. I have...
  4. Xavier_Onassis

    Will these be the presidential candidates in 2024?

    From what I hear, Abinader is not at all popular, mostly because of inflation and cutting off some poor people from subsidies.
  5. Xavier_Onassis

    Government tells what it is doing to boost the quality of public education

    They closed the public school in the Camboya/Palmerito area of Barahona and did not replace it. All the other public schools within range were full. Had to go to SD to get something from "El Distrito" to get an order to enroll in a Catholic school. Which involves tuition and mandatory different...
  6. Xavier_Onassis

    The Dominican Peso will be 1:1 with the US Dollar Again?

    Quite unlikely, as the peso is linked to the dollar, and there is no "transition to Socialism" in the US. The dollar has held its value better than the pound or the Euro.
  7. Xavier_Onassis

    DR has little to show for high cost of public education

    In Barahona, they decided to require different uniforms for students, including different shoes. And they charge rather a lot for textbooks. Schools are closed for all sorts of occasions,
  8. Xavier_Onassis

    Selling passports is treasure trove for Dominican consuls

    Perhaps moving the New York consulate to Pennsylvania might be a bit excessive.
  9. Xavier_Onassis

    Turn Pedernales into Punta Cana? Local experts say today’s travelers want something different

    Surely real estate is a whole lot cheaper in the Pedernales area than in Punta Cana or the North Coast. That means that the profit in selling land to developers will be much greater.
  10. Xavier_Onassis

    Bus Between Santo Domingo and Barahona

    There are two main companies that have service between SD and Barahona: Caribetours and SIMCHOMEBA, that runs large Korean buses. I think that the minibuses are also run by SIMCHOMEBA as well, but none have been running for the past five months. They were scheduled to begin again last week, but...
  11. Xavier_Onassis

    Starbucks opens at Las Americas International

    Starbucks has good coffee, but outrageously overpriced. My favorite in the US is La Llave. As for tea, I like Earl Grey. The other day I found some "Lady Grey", which was indistinguishable from Earl Grey, at least to me.
  12. Xavier_Onassis

    US Citizens told their passports will cost more

    I was told to allow ten weeks, I got the passport in two weeks. This was last year in Miami.
  13. Xavier_Onassis

    Bus service west from Santo Domingo suspended

    There has been no bus service between Santo Domingo and Azua or Barahona for the past several months. There are two companies, CaribeTours and another known by a forgettable acronym and neither has been running. There is no information about this on any of the Barahona blogs and websites...
  14. Xavier_Onassis

    US says Haiti is up to Haiti

    Haiti is a charity case in may ways.
  15. Xavier_Onassis

    Taxi from Santo Domingo airport to Boca Chica

    I have taken the guagua from SD to SDQ seven times. The guagua lets you off where a bunch of motoconchos are waiting, so I have never had to wait. I usually have just a carry on bag.
  16. Xavier_Onassis

    Computer pick up for students

    They announced that schools would open in Barahona this month, first in person learning, but now they have decided to do computer classes. Despite this, they require that students have uniforms and black shoes as before. They will require students to appear at school for an inspection, lest...
  17. Xavier_Onassis

    Bus service cancelled?

    Apparently, some radio station announced that all bus service would be cancelled from late August until January between Santo Domingo and Azua, Barahona and points west. But there is no mention of this rather drastic measure in El Listin Diario and other online newspapers. They have lifted the...
  18. Xavier_Onassis

    Planning a return to POP last week of August 2021

    I have been there, it is rather amazing, and I was somewhat amazed. Polo is the smallest town I have ever seen that has traffic jams.' The coffee was said to be terrific, but the sack I bought was nothing special.
  19. Xavier_Onassis

    Planning a return to POP last week of August 2021

    San Rafael is really pleasant. There is a freshwater pool and lots of shade, a decent beach (with a lot of undertow, though), and a good place to have a picnic. It is not very far from Barahona. Los Patos is also nice. I have been visiting Barahona since 2014 and know the area pretty well. My...
  20. Xavier_Onassis

    Planning a return to POP last week of August 2021

    How safe is it in the DR if one has been vaccinated? I am contemplating travel to Barahona later this year.