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  1. cobraboy

    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Jeepetas for all!
  2. cobraboy

    New Software

    Fourier, Fournier, that all had a sense of humor...
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    How many people do you think are really positive for Covid19 in the DR?

    Do not confuse "infected" with hospitalized or dying. Infected also means recovered without symptoms, and now supposedly immune going forward. If the current number is the "tip of the iceberg", we'd see an explosion of new hospitalizations and deaths, and that is not happening. In fact, quite...
  4. cobraboy

    New Software

    That Fournier had such a sense of humor...
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    Dominicana’s Got Talent on 29 April at 9pm

    For the Record: the producer/director of Dominicans Got Talent, Tuto Guerrero, is a good personal friend and the director of Two Wheels in Paradise-Hispaniola.
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    US Citizens in the DR & US Government Help During Covid-19 Shutdown

    Agreed. 10 minutes like before would be better, 15 even mo' better. 5 is much too little.
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    Guillermo Moreno: PLD is politicizing the Covid-19 epidemic

    I am shocked political parties politicize a tragedy.
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    Possibly the Most Unique Position Ever Posted on DR1

    Our CPND from DGCINE is approved for eight episodes and a budget of RD$63,000,000 under Article 34 of Ley108-10, 100% tax credit financing. It took us a looooong time to climb this mountain with many large bureaucratic obstacles in the way. But the team ultimately prevailed. A more sane person...
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Seems simple enough: the young and healthy can go on as usual, the weak. ill, cautious and infirmed elderly continue with caution. There is no perfect way until---and, really, IF, because there is zero assurance---a vaccine becomes available. The ONLY way to "fix" this is herd immunity, and...
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    "Let's pretend to be friendly but poison the invaders with improperly prepared cassava."
  11. cobraboy

    Electric pasolas

    Also check Celeste motors and Motoneo RD, both in Santo Domingo. Just keep in mind that both speed and range are severely limited in electric scooters and pasolas.
  12. cobraboy

    Electric pasolas

    Check Dynamic Electro Bikes in the CZ. They rent and sell EV motos.
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    Time to buy a hotel?

    Few have any idea the complexity of the Dominican legal business system. Go sell a trademarked logo or name from one entity you own to another you own and see what a CF it is. I'm working on six months now. There is always one more missing document or stamp or department sign-off or signature...
  14. cobraboy

    The price of Corona

    The PN is taxing the ganja bidniz?
  15. cobraboy

    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Sounds like nobody has no numbers to predict nothing on nobody, but sound authoritative in saying/not saying/bloviating about it. One on my employees is a Red Cross volunteer who spent a week in mid-April working with five doctors from Santo Domingo looking all around Jarabacoa for CVC19...
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    Cops fighting soldiers, wtf???

    No. Link?
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    Next wave is coming, THANK YOU Puerto Plata!

    Flu kills 40,000-70,000 in the US alone every year during "flu season," and hundreds of thousands are hospitalized with the "seasonal flu." It's just that until now no one paid attention because as a society those numbers are acceptable, just as traffic, heart, cancer, drowning deaths, etc...
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    The DR and the Recession of 2008

    Many, many people feel the same way, O/C. Unfortunately, the DR debt puts the country at the mercy of international banksters, like the IMF, and any move toward squashing the criminal element with an iron fist would be impossible.
  19. cobraboy

    Next wave is coming, THANK YOU Puerto Plata!

    Interesting. I never thought about that. If there is no explosion of new cases, El Peregrino will be hailed as a local Jesus...and politicians will seek a picture with him.
  20. cobraboy

    Cops fighting soldiers, wtf???

    Which post?