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    US Exchange Rate

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    The DR has a world athletics champion: Marileidy Paulino

    I said this last year. She is a Dominican treasure. Doing what she has done is no easy task. It's the world's best and she did it!
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    I'm in love

    LaSirena in POP carries several Johnsonville products including sausage. They used to carry Jimmy Dean but no more.
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    Secretaria o Ministerio de Trabajo

    Good information but I would add two things. You can do the form online but that does not become the legal document to use. I only use it as an estimate. Second, you have to have the document from the labor department and it needs to be stamped. If your estimate and the Labor Department...
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    Marileidy Paulino is tops in the world in 400m

    I have said it before and I will say it again, a Dominican Treasure. Congratulations.
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    Rental condo.

    Send me an email. Condominiums in Cofresi. Very safe.
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    Question. Is there a Bar Association like the ABA in the USA?
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    Trucks Accident Near Puerto Plata Caught By Security Camera

    If you notice in the video, the truck traveling from the right of the screen to the left of the screen, has gone over the double yellow line before the crash. If you drive on the Malecon in POP you will see heavy trucks do this all the time especially on curves. They simply don't stay in their...
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    This is important for everyone who employs domestic help

    I think there are quite a few of us who need an answer to the part time question. My maid works 16 hours a month or 4 hours a week. I pay her $1,500 pesos a week. So she is making more money than minimum wage for the hours worked. The DR doesn't actually have part time coverage and I think that...
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    DR to be first country in the region to have a charging station for electric vehicles

    I'm confused. I live in Puerto Plata and there are several locations where you can charge an electric vehicle. Or is this like a large complex with multiple charging units on-site?
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    Has anyone tried this company?? free shipping?

    Just compare with Amazon Taylor Made TP5X dozen balls 49.59 with the new company $61.99
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    Domestic help regularization plan set to start 19 December

    I have a maid who only works 4 hours a week. Will I have to register her? If so I will not use her any more.
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    Ministry of Higher Education about to give in; will the bar be lowered for public school teachers?

    Mr. Sanders, I have said this before. Tourism is a blessing and a curse. "In 2021, the economy of the Dominican Republic recovered and reached pre-pandemic growth. About 38% of said recovery was the product of the tourism sector, recovering more than 300,000 jobs; " Sadly, when all that is...
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    Expo Hermanas Mirabal

    Often the memory of bravery is lost in time. Remember the Mirabal sisters.
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    Peso is now at RD$53 to US$1

    IN POP just got $52.80
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    No More Covid Test Required for Entry (USA)

    Source is CNBC
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    No More Covid Test Required for Entry (USA)

    USA has dropped the requirement for international flyers to the USA beginning Sunday. Travelers were required to show proof of a negative test a day before flying to the U.S. The travel industry had repeatedly urged the administration to drop the testing requirements. The change takes effect...
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    Marileidy Paulino wins her third Diamond League 400m race

    Dominican's should be very proud of this lady. She is world class and carries herself with grace and dignity.