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    Negative Covid Test To Required By All Travelers To The US

    you would have to HAVE the virus to be able to infect others. The point of being vaccinated is to NOT get the virus, and they are saying it’s 95 % effective. Anyhow, not asking about how the virus is spread or efficacy of vaccines. What I would like to know is will they still require testing...
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    Negative Covid Test To Required By All Travelers To The US

    I confess to not having read the entire CDC bulletin. Are they requiring tests from people who have been vaccinated as well?
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    Sto. Dom: Best Furniture Store for Beds and Sofas?

    I bought Ikea furniture and mattresses because I didn’t know where else to go. They have not had a lot of use due to not being able to travel, but when I have been there I’ve been happy with all of it. The beds are comfortable and all the linens I have fit as they should. The mattresses may...
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    Car Hire in Punta Cana

    I get my car thru Alamo and get the TPL when making the reservation. $9/day is cheap for peace of mind when driving around DR. I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. That and I speak no Spanish. I hope you visit ScubaFun while in Bayahibe. Good people there!
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    I am still working full time, and have a very flexible schedule. I will be back to the DR as soon as I am able. I have an apartment to check on and local people I like to try to support.
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    Need help with shipping

    I've searched and read many threads, and still feel as if I have no idea where to start. I'm looking for help with my situation. I have bought a small condo near Bayahibe, Americanus Dominicus to be exact. There is an office of a shipper almost across the street, either EPS or CPS, can't...
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    Hi everyone, First post here but I’ve been following for a while. We’ve been going to DR for several years and have decided to buy an apartment near Bayahibe. It should be ready later this summer. After a few all-inclusive stays we decided that really isn’t our cup of tea. We like to do...
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    Buying property in DR

    Hello, I’m new to posting on the forum although I’ve been following for a few months now. I’m looking to buy an apartment soon and looking for advice. Not on buying, but on wire transfers. Does anyone use a service they would recommend? My online bank doesn’t have very good reviews so I...