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    Departure Tax is bugging me, why US$$

    Why should this be paid in US Dollars? I have paid this in pesos before without problem. Why are people consistently persistent that it must be paid in US Dollars? Thanks, Bill
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    I am cool with general translation but have been told my girl is ill, can you help me. I don't give **** if you mock, as I have seen you do, please tell me this as it is. hola mi amor como esta todo bien,ya estoy un poco mejor,ayer fui al medico a buscar los resultado y salieron bien...
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    A rundown of DR policies for dimwitts!

    Without a huge amount of political policies listings could I have a simplistic understanding of the difficulties Dominicans have in leaving the country, why it isn't and how it could ever be over turned to at least allow ease of travel for vacation, the government that one day may overturn this...
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    A cruise may be possible?

    Hi, I would like to take my lady on a trip, a small vacation when I return to DR. Could anyone inform me of the possibilities of this being on a cruise off the Island. I am aware she is unable to leave the country and would be needing to enter other Caribbean ports within this cruise, but the...
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    Translation please?

    Plaza Libre - Diario Libre I must apologise for my ignorance, I have tried to translate this using a free translation on the internet, unfortunately it seems to make little sense. I would appreciate a few minutes of your time if you could please. Thankyou, Bill
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    Buying a vehicle and accident procedure.

    Hi, I am planning to buy a vehicle in the DR sometime in the near future. Firstly, would I have any kind of problem doing so without a residency? Also in terms of insurance etc, would it be likely to be more expensive? I also am led to believe that should an accident occur, I (as the foreigner)...
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    Such a thing as flower delivery?

    I am not based in DR but would like to send some flowers to someone. Would anyone know if this is possible from outside, or even inside the country. I suspect Interflora doesn't cover DR? lol. Although you never know!!
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    Cost of living in Santo Domingo?

    I would like to know if anyone could help me. I am hoping to rent a place in Santo Domingo, at the moment I work a 3 weeks on, 1 week off rota. I work on the rigs and so live on site and so don't really have a home at all. I have been told that it could be worth my while to rent a place full...