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    $35,000 of cocaine seized from man using false identity SMH!
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    5 deportations in 10 years for suspected drug dealer
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    Dominicans are black ! pure and simple! It is simply ignorance

    Check this out!
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    A little help for a friend of mine visiting dr

    Hello guys Please, tell me the reasonable price to pay from POP to Gran Marian hotels by taxi? Or Be live gran marian? Just checking for a friend here Thanks
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    New paternity law proposed

    New paternity law proposed A judge at the Superior Electoral Court and a former National District prosecutor, Jose Manuel Hernandez Peguero, has delivered a proposal to Senate president Cristina Lizardo Mezquita to introduce a Responsible Paternity law that will benefit more than 100,000...
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    Record number of children die

    Record number of children die A total of 11 children, including eight under the age of one, died over the weekend at the Robert Reid Cabral Children's Hospital in Santo Domingo where they were patients. According to hospital staff, their deaths were caused by problems with the oxygen system...
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    Dominicans returning home from Spain

    Dominicans returning home from Spain The continuing economic crisis affecting Spain and other European countries had led to a mass return of Dominicans to the country. Many have lost their jobs or their small businesses have gone under. In addition, in the last few weeks hundreds more have...
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    Mayor sent to jail

    Mayor sent to jail A Santo Domingo court has sent the Mayor of Bayaguana to prison for three months on remand. Nelson Osvaldo Sosa Marte is suspected of being the mastermind behind the murder of Councilor Renato de Jesus Castillo. Sosa Marte was suspended from his mayoral duties and...
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    Dominican Republic: Prank calls swamp emergency number

    BBC News - Dominican Republic: Prank calls swamp emergency number
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    Ambassador Anibal de Castro says US can learn from DR on immigration

    I have found the comments by the AMBASSADOR a bit funny! Therefore, i figured that i should share it! Ambassador Anibal de Castro says US can learn from DR on immigration In an op-ed piece published on Tuesday, 3 June in the Miami Herald, Dominican Ambassador in Washington Anibal de Castro...
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    Penal Code a ?fortress? for corrupt Dominican officials

    Santo Domingo.- Minority opposition Al-Pais party president Guillermo Moreno on Wednesday railed against an amendment to the Penal Code which denies a plaintiff?s right to file corruption charges against government officials and makes it a "secure fortress of impunity." He said lawmakers have...
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    US government defies Constitutional Court Ruling 168-13

    US government defies Constitutional Court Ruling 168-13 Despite the Constitutional Court ruling 168-13 establishing that Juliana Eguis does not qualify for Dominican nationality on the grounds that her parents were in the Dominican Republic illegally, the US Consulate issued a humanitarian visa...
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    Very important text by jean michel caroit, explaining the corruption in dr! Very dee

    I got this from LE NOUVELLISTE, THE OLDEST HAITIAN NEWSPAPER! VERY GOOD READ! Dominican Republic : A political panorama The Nouvelliste | Published : December 27, 2013 The Nouvelliste herewith publishes a text by Jean Michel Caroit , French journalist based in the Dominican Republic and...
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    Puerto Rico calls off search for 14 Dominican boatpeople lost at sea: AP

    San Juan, Puerto Rico - The U.S. Coast Guard has called off a four-day search for 14 Dominican migrants bound for Puerto Rico who reportedly went missing at sea, AP reports. Spokesman Ricardo Castrodad on Tuesday said concerned relatives called authorities after the boat left the Dominican...
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    Transparency Int. again calls Dominican Republic a corrupt country

    Berlin.- Venezuela and Paraguay are Latin America?s most corrupt countries while Uruguay and Chile are transparency leaders, says a report by the German NGO Transparency International (TI) released Tuesday, EFE reports. The TI?s 2013 edition on its traditional corruption perception index (CPI)...
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    Dominican Republic: Fearful Haitians Deported or Voluntarily Flee

    By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS At least 350 Haitians and people of Haitian descent have either been expelled from the Dominican Republic or left on their own accord in recent days after two Dominicans were killed, said Lolo Sterne, coordinator for Haiti?s Office of Migration, on Monday. The two...
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    Lantigua concedes in Lawrence mayoral race

    By Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua conceded defeat today on a Spanish-language radio talk-show, two days after the controversial mayor lost a recount to rival Daniel Rivera by a narrow margin of 81 votes. ?I congratulate Daniel Rivera,? Lantigua said, reading a...
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    Feds nab local doctor, nurse for removing criminals? prints in Boston

    New York.- Federal agents in Boston on Wednesday arrested Dominican physician Danilo Montero Ramirez and his assistant Teresa Araujo Martinez, charged with removing the fingerprints of deported Dominican criminals who sneaked back to the U.S. In a statement the Homeland Security Dept. said...
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    Dominican city official nabbed in Miami spent 25 years on the run

    New York.- Dominican city council official Fiordaliza Pichardo's fast, prominent leader of the conservative PRSC party was charged with forming part of a drug trafficking ring on June 23, 1988 in the New York East District Federal Court in Brooklyn. The political leader from Bonao (central) was...
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    Nuria describes Senate investigation as "theater"

    Leading television journalist Nuria Piera has described the Senate investigation into the fortune of senator Felix Bautista as a "theater" where the actors are politicians. Before entering the Fernandez government, Bautista is known to not having been able to afford buying a vehicle. Today his...