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    STARLINK Funtionality After Hurricane Fiona

    Thank you for the info. I will give it a try. I am just worried about the aduanas charging an arm and a leg to get the unit in the country.
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    STARLINK Funtionality After Hurricane Fiona

    I have three quick questions for those with Starlink setups. 1. Where do the setups ship from? 2. How did you receive your set up. My address is rural, deep campo. I am concerned on how to actually receive the equipment. 3. Did you have to pay aduanas import tax on top of the 27,000 DOP...
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    Carretera turística - Anyone Know The Current State?

    Has anyone been on the mountain road between Santiago and Puerto Plata lately? I have to go to the airport next week and I was wondering if the road is passable? Tx
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    Wanted Dead Or Alive..... 70's or Earlier VW BUS

    Does anyone know of one of these for sale be it road worthy or rotting away in a field somewhere? I am interested in a project and would appreciate any leads you may have. Thanks, rob