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    The DR is the 7th largest economy of Latin America

    ... ok, let's assume gray = 'otra' NOT= 'Haitians' = red = 'Negros' , then, 1) why is gray = 'otras' bar the longest in DR cf. other LA countries listed ? 2) why is gray = 'otras' so dominant cf. other 5 'colors' in DR? 3) what is/are exactly hidden beneath DR's gray = 'otras'...
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    Is there a po box in D.R?

    now DNS resolved ... site/page rendered
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    Is there a po box in D.R?

    This site can’t be reached’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem. DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE
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    BitCoin office opening in Cabarete

    DR_Guy : > ... buying and selling at say 2% above or below market to walkins. wow ... that 2% would be F A N T A S T I C , :) especially given cash ---> btc/eth/matic/sol/etc. method ... I understand you wrote " ... say ... " , so : anybody knows what is his total 'spread' from btcusd...
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    Migracion has Some New Posts

    bravo, Garyexpat, re " "most free" ... it is frightening how many people are giving up on (or actually just never wanted / liked) freedom/liberty, so quickly ...
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    Visas for work in the United States

    Absolutely the most important part , as per quoted immigration specialist Rodriguez. : "... Dominicans are eligible for the H-2A Visa which is for agricultural work, for food processing plants and for planting and harvesting, but few Dominicans apply for this type of work, although they...
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    EDENorte North Coast: Electricity Outages & Restoration Announcements

    related to more and more frequent power outage = water shut down , in POP area ... as alternative to ordering everything from amazon etc and/or parcels forwarding from usa, any store / suppliers here in DR for those ad hoc , manual handle rotating 'generators' to provide at least usb and...
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    EDENorte North Coast: Electricity Outages & Restoration Announcements

    not yet in el batey . problem is , no water either. dark is falling, laptops batteries shutting down, unwashed dishes piling up = ants coming ..., , hot/humid , cold beer from local store is not cold anymore ...
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    seeking Dr. specialists recommendation

    good, they are in Santiago, not far away via newly renovated "scenic - vistas" road :-)
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    seeking Dr. specialists recommendation

    not much at my "country of origin" embassy .. did review US embassy list. Utilized/will utilize it for other needs. For the ones I listed, I was hopping for more 'personal' experience / insights. Especially re I) ... thank you both for replying.
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    seeking Dr. specialists recommendation

    hello everyone, If I could kindly ask for your recommendations in the following medical specialist areas: I) Dermatologist: Anywhere in DR. Second opinion on whether or not to do, here in DR, 'real' biopsy cf. rule out/in skin cancer, II) Endocrinologist - female health Anywhere in DR. III)...
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    greetings / intro

    Greetings all. New to posting @dr1, but not so new in DR. Settled, for the time being, in Sosua (but always open for changes). Having a quite few things for which your input / recommendations would be much appreciated. From more serious (medical/heath) to more pleasant ones (home gardening...
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    US Navy engineers make recommendations for Port of Manzanillo

    "... The Port of Manzanillo had been on the list of projects the People’s Republic of China early on signed to carry out in the country when full diplomatic relations were agreed to in May 2018. The US government lobbied from the start against the Chinese initiative. This is no longer happening...