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    Don't fancy Presidente too much I figured, should I look into brewing my own beer instead? The first question that springs to mind is, is it legal in the Dominican republic? It is in the US and in most other parts of the world, but in a country like the DR, who knows. Might as well ask the follow-up questions right...
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    Spirit Airlines - do fares fluctuate?

    I am trying to find reasonable fares from MIA/FLL to DR, flying out mid December, returning early January. As AA fares are now quite prohibitive - at least MIA-STI which is my primary itinerary - I looked into what Spirit had to offer. So yesterday evening (Sunday 9/10) I found some reasonable...
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    Satellite TV in DR

    Borrado por el escritor
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    Glue for bolts in concrete/block walls

    I am posting this to investigate if there is a certain kind of glue available in the Dominican Republic. What I have in mind is a two-component glue that is specially formulated to fix bolts in concrete. Does Hache or 8A (Ochoa for you non-Spanish speakers) carry anything fitting this...
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    Internet fares vs. travel agent fares

    Hi, Just thought I'd relate an experience I had recently regarding the above. These days everybody seems to think that travel related bargains can be found on the Internet only. Maybe it is not always so. I searched the net for a reasonable fare round trip Miami-Santiago (STI) in February...
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    House plans

    Buenas, My native Dominican wife is the proud owner of a small piece of land (500 sqm) in her home town in the Cibao. So we are planning to build a house on the lot. Not being an architect myself, I still have been fiddling with a CAD/architectural drawing program (CYCAS, of German origin)...
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    Prefab construction materials in the DR

    I am in the planning phase of constructing a house in the Dominican Republic, for retirement and vacation purposes. Here in Norway where I live there are available prefabricated concrete-like slabs, 60 cms wide and with a variety of lengths, ranging between 2,5 and 8 meters, that are used to...
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    Car import tax

    I am considering acquiring a second hand car to be used on my more or less frequent visits to the Dominican Republic. But I am unsure which would be the more sensible way to aqcuire it - e.g. buying it in the US (Florida) and have it shipped over, or simply buy one from a local dealer in the DR...