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    Hello from San Diego

    Amazing! I was wondering about that. I retired from the Air Force in 2013. Looking to live for 6 months out of the year in the North Mountains. I also work in the Healthcare Software (VHA) space. Let's connect.. PM..
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    Electric Cars in the DR

    I'm so glad I bought the website along with several others in Spanish, back in 2016. I hope it's the next autotrader. LOL..
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    UN report says cannabis arrives to Haiti to be sold in DR

    Why not grow it LEGALLY in DR?
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    Is CBD Oil Legal in DR?

    I'm hearing there are lots of Pharmacias that have some sort of CBD, but it's actually "Hemp Seed Oil" which they market as CBD. This is an apples to oranges comparison. CBD is truly from the Hemp Plant, but is extracted mainly from the Flower and the stalk. Hemp Seed oil is just that, Hemp seed...
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    U.S. Military Veteran seeking Employment in DR (Santiago)

    Hello Friends, Where does a U.S. Military veteran look for opportunities within the Cibao Region?  We are thinking of changing our footprint we have here in the U.S. and taking the plunge and trying to live the minimalistic life in the D.R. I have 2 kids (15 and 4) that will be traveling with...
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    Working "Remote" in D.R.

    Friends, Just joined a division in my Company that has about 1/3 of the team members that work remote. Our Company isbased in Atlanta, and we have Sales folks that live all throughout the U.S. Most justcome 1-2 times a month for meetings in Atlanta, but other trips are to the Client's locations...
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    Puppy training help for Old-School Parents

    Hello All, In November, my parents moved back to the D.R. (for good this time). For several years, we have been tossing the idea that they get a puppy (Rottie/ German Shepherd) that they can train to be with them 24/7, and accompany them to the finca on the weekends, ride in back of the truck...
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    Aventura Concert in Buenos Aires, 24 May 10

    Anyone going? Tickets are on I bought 6 tix in the 2nd row.. Hope to see a DR1 member there. They are juicing this as their break-up concert and getting in the $$$$$.. R>.
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    How does one get a D.R. Gov. Job?

    Fellow Members, Say you're going to RETIRE from the U.S. Military in 5 years (will be 41) and want to see the possibilities of getting a USG job in the D.R. but you're entertaining the possibility of working in the DOM. Government instead. Where do you start to research D.R. Gov Jobs? I know I...
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    Trained Companion/Security Dogs.

    Hello All, Question: Is there such a service in D.R. that offers Companion dogs, trained and for adoption for family and personal security throughout D.R.? Other than that "Come Hombre" type. With the "Security" concerns there, I would think a company like that will be a great asset to our...