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    changing the placa whilst outside the country.....

    So I am back in UK right now....I left my Apache bike with a friend and wanted to sell it. However I didnt change the old placa for the new one. Apparently only the owner can do this. Any suggestions for me here? I need to change the placea in order to sell the bike. thanks dave
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    Skeleton found on beach, Sea Horse Ranch

    you guys seen that they found a partial skeleton on the beach yesterday? sea horse ranch? i dont know how to start another thread or i would......they are doing tests on it to see if they can identify it.
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    watching BBC or other TV channels on your laptop.

    There are many websites which stream TV channels, but if anyone is struggling to get BBC here is how to do it. use google chrome browser. install "zenmate" VPN programme. set your VPN to UK watch UK BBC or ITV to your hearts content. Champions league footy etc...
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    T-Shirt printers...North coast?

    are there any t-shirt printers around sosua/cabarete? many thanks dave
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    It's all going on today.............. Bomb threat shuts down busy Dominican Republic airport PrintPrint EmailEmail BookmarkBookmark SaveSave to my profile Comments4 Comments - last on May 28 at 3:08 PM Zoom Picture...
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    What goodies are you shipping?

    I was very please to find out about Encargopac shippers. I subsequently shipped down a Nutribullet , Scuba gear, Gopro accessories and ankle/knee supports. While I was in the office there were other gringos wearing similar clothes to me and I figured that maybe we have more in common than...
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    where are the cacao farms? I want to go see one.

    yes I do. any info gratefully received. Thanks.
  8. D DR??

    hi guys and gals. would anybody know if it is possible to buy a Nutribullet here in DR? I have one already but would like to get another one and do not have experience of shipping from the states. It is perfect for using here to make my juices with all the great fruit and vegetables...
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    which channels are showing the english premier league footy?

    horror of horrors, i am coming over tomorrow and fox no longer show the premier league......i need to know who is showing it on the north coast.............delancer do they have it? thanks for info, i am sure any other footy fans understand the desperation...... dave
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    Reverse Osmosis Water filters.........Anyone using them here in DR?

    Would like to hear peoples experience with R/O water filtration systems here in DR. Whole house or Under sink systems. I see they are now very inexpensive to buy in US. Which ones are recommended? Problems? cost per year? are you happy with your system?
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    Tvs apache spares in Sosua/Puerto Plata region...

    Hi would anybody know the whereabouts of the TVS Apache spares shop in Puerto plata or Sosua? I have asked three guys so far so-called bike mechanics, apparently cant be bothered to do a days work so going to do it myself. Broke the metal plate that holds the rear brake pedal and right foot...
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    did we just have a wobble?

    started wobbling in the chair, either my coffee is drugged or we just had a little one.
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    Is this offensive?

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    where can I buy a mac or Imac around here?

    looking for a macbook pro or Imac in DR or would it be better to just bring one in from the states?