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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure

    The "Non portal" migration website mentions ARS reservas here: The link is to ARS Reservas
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    new water pump for two story house. Why no tank

    Yes thats right constant whatever the pump provides.
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    new water pump for two story house. Why no tank

    Without a tank your pressure is constant, turn on the water he pump turns on. (also less to repair and replace) Old systems have a tank and a pressure switch 30/50 psi or 20/40 psi so that when the tank is full you get 50psi but as you use it the pressure drops to 30psi before the pump starts...
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    Sosua becoming a food desert

    Michael stones is the best no one has mentioned this yet! I would also send a recommendation for Dolci e Sapori and agree with everyones opinions above, Parada el choco, el rancho, voramar everyday good choices. Nothing good about Torro Loco
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    How does one report loud music ?

    The laws are very clear here made by Dominicans for Dominicans, Immigrants, expats and all. I have successfully prosecuted and taken actions with the Magistrate (Judge) in the Palacia Puerto Plata against local air bnb/booking .com so called "private villas". The judge is a good man and gets...
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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure

    For anyone reading looking for a sample letter: DATE Director General de Imigración Presente De mi mayor consideración: Por medio de la presente, el que subscribe, YOUR NAME, de nacionalidad YOUR COUNTRY, residente de Sosua, El Batey, Puerto Plata y empleado privado, pone a su consideración...
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    4/19.. what's burning?

    Looks like it is coming from Cabarete lagoon / in Cienega Through the mountain valley as seen up in El choco... It is much farther away than SOV and Seahorse.
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    Conversion from Temporary to Permanent Status

    Question: To do the conversion did you apply for "permanent", or for "permanent renewal" (Instead of Temporary renewal which you would have done for the last 5 years)
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    Getting replacement credit cards and debit cards

    The problem is that you can not import certain items into the Dominican Republic. Cash or Credit Cards, Money orders. And limits on daily transactions from in and out of a country. (not just DR) This is a form of embezzlement. You will find the same to be with most countries... The DR being...
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    Solar panels to generate electricity

    Pumps are around $1200usd for 500w good for medium-Big size pools. (there is 900w as well and 1200w I think but these are all overkill not worth the extra $$$) Use 3 panels and the pump will run full for 10 hours a day. Never had a cleaner pool.. dont have to use a timer it just starts and...
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    german man missing on the NC?

    They were arrested... but no one completed the prosecution because his family did not want to pay to make a report.. More or less thats the story. Dirc helped me a lot when we first moved here.
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    Costs for getting a well?

    60' well will all tubes, and a .75 hp pump for around $70,000 dop. Prices for deeper have been around $700dop-$900dop per foot plus tube.. Is it rocky terrain? Is it deep? Plus cost for pump.. depends on how deep and how much volume and pressure the size you will need at least 12,000 dop...
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    Current Price /average gasoline Price

    252.20 for premium 239.30 for regular You can find all the current and past prices here:
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    Driver license renewal in Puerto Plata

    Go to their site: You can pay online yes they did move, next door to the amber museum.
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    CMC Now Giving "REAL" PCR

    Real PCR can not be done in 3 hours. But we can label it that on a piece of paper. In Short no it is not. Nor accepted for Canada
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    Creating a water well on my properties

    How Deeeeeep.....? and what was the price?... my was 65' and was 60,000dop.. now I am looking at maybe (as you say... Deeeeeppppp) up in the mountains... Like to know...
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    Cost to buy electricity wire

    What was the cost for the transformer? And optionally each post?
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    North Coast Noise Report Line: 1-809-320-8856 (RUIDO)

    Yes but that goes to the police.. not medio ambiente who dispatch the police (an escalated report).. still better to call, but yes very cool app.
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    North Coast Noise Report Line: 1-809-320-8856 (RUIDO)

    They were so busy 2 weeks ago that even 911 was unable to keep up... But I have gotten though several times
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    North Coast Noise Report Line: 1-809-320-8856 (RUIDO)

    For those that don't yet have it or know... Reports made 24hrs to puerto plata authority they then escalate and dispatch officers to turn off the noise. Works for Sosua, Puerto plata, Cabarete..etc.. Fast and efficient... but not a permanent solution.. if problem reoccurs tomorrow you need to...