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    Major accident Bavaro - 40 tourists injured some serious Don't open if you don't like the sight of blood. Most of the injured are Russian tourists. Their 70 seater coach was hit from behind by a truck. Matilda
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    LADIES ONLY TO POST Femicides in the DR

    The number of femicides in this country is appalling, and it is in the news even more now, with 2 cases in San Pedro de Macoris where female fiscals forged signatures allowing men out of jail who had been jailed for the attempted murder of their wives - and as soon as they were let out, they...
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    So far So good

    Hello wtg yes it will
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    LADIES ONLY TO POST Dominican vegetables

    All this talk of brussel sprouts on the Matilda's blog thread has made me long for them. But there are none where I live. Anyone any ideas for how to make the Dominican vegetables I can buy, somewhat more palatable and interesting? Talking about okra, tayota, eggplant/aubergine, guandules...
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    Five Americans and Two Serbians arrested

    Five Americans and Two Serbians arrested in Haiti with automatic weapons and other articles. Matilda
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    Rabies outbreak

    The country is currently suffering from a rabies outbreak with 3 people dead over the past few months and a child gravely ill. Salud Publica are currently touring the country vaccinating all dogs who do not have the rabies vaccine free of charge. They use one needle for all the dogs, and many...
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    Google help

    I have several email addresses/ google accounts, some are mine and some for clients. All of my documents are stored on Google Drive but I am unable to access them from any other computer as Google just defaults to one of the addresses which is not the one which stores the documents. I need to...
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    Strike called in the Cibao for Monday 29 October

    The main populist movements are calling for a major strike tomorrow across the whole of the Cibao, telling businesses to close, children not to go to school and transport to stop running. It is to protest about fuel prices and price increases across the board. No idea if it will be as big as...
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    LADIES ONLY: Articles about under age prostitution Not nice and is repeated across the world today in a range of publications. Matilda
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    LADIES ONLY Number 9

    Dominican Republic has the 9th largest economy in Latin America. 1 Brazil: 2 Mexico: 3 Argentina: 4 Colombia: 5 Chile: 6 Peru: 7 Venezuela: 8 Ecuador: 9 Dominican Republic Any more number 9? Matilda
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    LADIES ONLY Number 8

    Not easy! Only thing I can find is a United States occupation lasted eight years between 1916 and 1924. Matilda
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    LADIES ONLY: Number 7

    The traditional Dominican stew - sancocho has 7 types of meat in it. Beef, goat, pork, lorganiza, ham, pork ribs, chicken. Recipe by Aunt Clara here. Any more number 7? Matilda
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    LADIES ONLY Number 6

    Dominican Republic is the sixth of the 12 countries that exceeded 100,000 tourist visas to travel to the United States in 2017, and fourth in Latin America. The US consulates last year issued 9.7 million nonimmigrant visas, of which 80% corresponds to the tourist category, according to US State...
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    LADIES ONLY Number 5

    This one isn't easy.All I have found is: Christopher Columbus landed in La Isabela on 5th December 1492 Bartholomew Columbus founded Santo Domingo on 5th August 1498 There are only five superior land courts throughout the country: El Seibo, Santo Domingo, Santiago, Azua, and San Francisco de...
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    No water?

    No water here for six weeks and no delivery trucks either. Matilda
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    LADIES ONLY Number 4

    I struggled with this one a bit, but so far I have got four official border crossings into Haiti - Comendador, Perdernales, Dajabon and Jimani and at last - 4% of GDP for education. Anyone think of any more number four? Matilda
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    LADIES ONLY Number 3

    Number 3: The Three Eyes Los Tres Ojos (The Three Eyes in English) is the name given to a open-air limestone cave located in the Mirador del Este park, in the Santo Domingo East municipality. There are of three lakes, or ojos. The site was created centuries ago as a result of tectonic...
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    LADIES ONLY: Number 2

    Dominican Republic has the two highest mountains in the Caribbean. Pico Duarte Pico Duarte is the highest peak in the Caribbean. The 10,164 ft high mountain is located in the Cordillera Central range. The mountain was first successfully summited in 1851. A system of trails leads to the top of...
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    LADIES ONLY 1-100 of the Dominican Republic

    We have done the A-Z which I had written before, now let's move to the 1-100. Starting with number 1 let's post what the Dominican Republic has one of, or the best of, or the only of and then once that is done we will move to number 2, 3 etc and let's try and get to 100. No men to post -...
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    LADIES ONLY Z is for Zapote and Zacarias

    The last in my A-Z of the Dominican Republic, and Z is for Zapote and Zacarias Ferreira. The former is a fruit and the latter my favourite Dominican singer. Zapote is known as Sapote in English and is a rough brown skinned fruit which is orange on the inside with a single stone in the middle...