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    Celebrating Anniversary

    Hi Everyone- I wanted to poll some of the people who have married a Dominicano/a, and had them move to your they recognized and celebrated their anniversaries of coming to the new country... My husband's anniversary for arriving in Cda will be on Dec 8th...and we talk about how...
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    Departure tax for a Dominicano

    My Dominican friends are having a debate over the departure tax for a Dominicano....this is how it is going....any clarification is welcomed..... One friend, who is Dominican, from Santiago...says that when you leave the DR as a Dominican (showing your Dominican passport) legally, you only have...
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    Puerto Plata Accomadations (NOT AI)

    Has anyone stayed at the Puerto Plata Apartments, in Torre Alta? as seen below... Puerto Plata Apartments And if so, were you happy with the accomadations? I'm specfically looking for a 2 bedroom apartment (not AI) to rent for 1 week, at the end of Novemeber. Or if anyone has any...
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    Caribe Tours Bus?

    How much from Puerto Plata to Sto Domingo, for one person? And is it the same cost going back? He will be going on one day, returning on a different day, will this make a difference? Thanks Lisa
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    Cdn Interview Question

    I'm asking this on behalf of a friend, HOWEVER I will need this information as well when we get our call..... When the Dominicano/a goes to Sto Domingo for their interview (to come to Cda) is it mandatory for them to bring the small wallet size version of their birth certificate? The (8 1/2 x...
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    Money in Scotiabank, that is in deceased husband name only

    I am asking this question for a friend of my husbands. My husband's friend is a Dominicana who was married to a Cdn guy, for 12 years, and both lived in Cda. She has returned to the DR as her husband passed away recently. (Not sure if to stay for good, or just to get away from "everything" for...
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    problems logging in

    I've been trying to log into DR1, with my user anme and password, and it tells me thank you for logging in, but then it bring me right back to the beginning asking for my password and user name. I can't get latest posts, or check my PM, is anyone else having problems? I've been trying for the...
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    Permanenet Resident Fee Question

    I have a couple of questions for those who have already gone through the Immigration process and have their loved ones with them in their country....(Canada specifically) When paying the Permanent Residence fee, is it recommended to pay it ALL upfront, or wait until the end when the visa is...
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    Coral Marian Beach Update

    Hi Everyone- My mom just got a call, from advising that the beach at the Coral Marian By Hiton, in Puerto Plata, would be closed due to renovations. She is staying at the Coral, in the beginning of Sept. I'm not sure if this is an extension of the work being done from...
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    Homosexuality in the DR

    I was reading the thread Robert put up about the new topics he added. And was reading the one about Homosexuality in the DR, and how it is "frowned" upon, and not widely accepted. My question has to due with Sankies. Some NOT ALL, do swing both ways for money or gifts or whatever the reason...
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    Motoconcho Question

    I had read in the DR1 news a few weeks ago, about the motoconchos having a restriction on the number of passengers. As well as being required to have helmuts and vests to recognize themselves as motoconchos. I was wondering if this has been enforced? And what is the penalty if you have three...
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    Is it just me?

    I have been reading the threads, and it seems lately more and more people are posting about robberies, and theft in the DR? Is it just me or is it happening more and more? Or is it just that people are posting about it more and more? I've always felt safe when I go to the DR, and after...
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    New Blog by Baileyboy

    I have started a new blog it's called "Heart & Soul belong to the Dominican Republic" let me know what you think, and if I should continue to write.... please be nice! thanks, lisa
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    Playa Grande Golfing

    My family and friends are coming to POP for my wedding in Feb. And although I know that they have come to see me get married, I know that I don't want to be spending my whole honeymoon with them...and I know they don't exactly want to hang around the pool all the time either. Some of my...
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    I know it's a bit early, but I read an article in my newpasper about the Carnival in the DR, in Feb. I will be in POP Feb 11 to the 25th. Is there anything going on during that time for the Carnival? It mentioned that it happens every weekend, but the big Carnival takes place Feb 27th, in I...
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    Nail Salon

    Hi there- I will be in POP in 10 days, and am wondering where there is a good nail salon place? That is clean, and professional? To get my nails done in Cda is around $40 for Gel. I was wondering how much the cost is in the DR, and do they offer Gel, or Arcylic only? Any help would be...
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    I am asking this question for one of my Dominican friends who got married to a Cdn girl in 2003. He finally arrived in Cda about 4 months ago. They had a baby, last December. About 2 months ago, she kicked him out, and he went to stay with some frineds he had met. My question is, becasue he...
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    getting married

    I am getting married in Puerto Plata in Feb 2006, on Valentines Day. We are looking for a location to get married at. We were looking for something on the beach, but if it's not feesable then any nice place will do. We did not want to do the AI hotel wedding, we wanted something off the...
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    Question on Visa

    Hi Fabio Guzman, I have a question about Visas. My fiancee has been issued a Vistor's Visa to the US. He does not plan on using it, and the American Consulate is calling him to come to get his Passport stamped. I am from Cda, and we are getting married in February 2006, and then I will be...
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    Bringing my husband to Cda

    Hello all, I am getting married in Feb 2006, and was wondering how and what I need to do (procedure-wise) to get my husband to Cda. I know with the US there is a fiancee visa, that can get him/her to the US to get married there. But we are getting married in the DR, and I am in Cda, and he...