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    Drivers Test Manuel

    Good morning, Does anyone have an electronic copy of the Driver Test Manuel? Thanks so much...!
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    Retirement Residency Renewal Question

    Thanks so much
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    Retirement Residency Renewal Question

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    Retirement Residency Renewal Question

    Greetings. I am interested to know: for those that have renewed DR residency if your retirement income has to be deposited in a Dominican Bank. Is it acceptable to immigration for retirees to show the pension income coming into a USA bank for DR residency renewal?
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    Retirement Temp Renewal - Does my Retirement Need to go Into a DR Bankk?

    For Retirement Temp Renewal - does my retirement income need to go into a DR Bank. For retirement renewal you have to show supporting documents showing you received and consumed your income within the DR - is this correct? Just wondering if anyone has renewed under retirement recently? Thanks...
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    Can exchange my USA Drivers License for a DR one?

    I need to get a DR License - I have my cedula but don't speak or read Spanish very well (yet). Can a USA Drivers License holder exchange their license for a DR License without doing the test? Thanks for the help.
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    Medicare Question

    Hello,' For Americans who are eligible for Medicare do you take part b, c or d ???? Trying to decide if it is worth the cost? Thanks for the insight. Boowow
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    Need Fingers Prints for FBI Report for Residency

    Where did you get them done please?
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    Need Fingers Prints for FBI Report for Residency

    Does anyone know where to get fingerprints taken to send to the FBI in the USA. We are applying for residency and our FBI report was rejected as it's over 6 months. Thanks for the help.
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    NOAA Weather Radio?

    Hello Friends. Just wondering if anyone has used or listened to English language NOAA weather radio? Was thinking of getting a hand-crank emergency radio for hurricane season - but wasn't too sure if there was anything to receive. Any thoughts...;?
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    Ham Radio during storms/Hurricanes

    Hello All, I bought a short wave radio for storms and couldn't pick up NOAA. It was mentioned I should have a HAM radio or even a Marine VHF radio. I'm in Samana and want a way of tracking weather as our internet is pretty bad during storms. Advise or other suggestions welcome
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    Oven or no oven?

    Would love to hear folk's opinions on having an oven or not? Thinking of removing oven and just having a gas range/stove top. When living in the DR full time is an oven important?
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    Solar Water Heater

    Thinking of getting a solar water heater, seems like a no brainer - love to hear from folks that have installed already. Does it a reasonable supply of hot water for a household? Any other issues? Thanks in advance.
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    House Title Transfer to DR Corporation

    Greetings and Happy New Year, DR1 Community. I was wondering if any home owners in the DR have an opinion on if it is advantageous to transfer your Dominican house/property into a DR Corporation? Under the impression could be advantageous for liability as well as estate transfer of home...
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    Health insurance in DR

    I was following the post of William Webster (sending positive thoughts your way) and I realized how "green" I was about getting Medical Insurance in the DR and still using the US system when and if needed. Can folks inform me on how they handle doctors in the DR for regular prescriptions for...
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    Cruiser/Beach Bicycles for purchase NEW in Las Terrenas

    I'm looking to purchase new cruiser/beach bicycles in Las Terrenas. Anyone know or have recommendations on where to purchase?
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    Homeowner insurance

    I was wondering, as a new homeowner in the DR, how many folks have home owners insurance? I have asked a few expats in our town and most don't get coverage - as they don't think its worth it and obviously are suspicious of the company paying out. We are renting our house so in addition to...
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    Ceramic Tiles Needed Las Terrenas /Las Galeras

    I'm looking to re-do my bathroom. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a tile shop and or the name of a dependable tile setter?