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    North coast vs east coat?

    O.k so I have been to both and prefer the North Coast. I will coming to DR for a 1 week vacation mid December. My question is for people that live on the North Coast currently. Due to the recent flooding and bad weather that has hit the North would I be better off going to the East? When you...
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    Sosua dinner recommendations

    Hi looking for some suggestions. Would like to take the wife out for a romantic dinner, wine and dine her. Something over looking the water would be a plus. Any feedback would be appreciated. We are not picky eaters and are easily pleased. I love a good steak and know it can be harder to find...
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    All inclusive tourism

    Does anybody have any idea what percentage of tourism in the DR goes to the AI's? Just curious really. Google just turned up a lot of vacation offers.
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    Dominican calls into radio station

    Are Those Reebok Or Nike? - Video
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    Cabarete Hotels

    I will need a hotel room in Cabarete only for one night. Do not need anything fancy just a room to pass out in at the end of the night. Is it possible to find something for a thousand pesos? Something I can walk from the beach at night safely. It will be a Saturday night next month.
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    Cabarete Question

    Want to spend one day/night of my 7 day vacation in Cabarete. Is the night life only lively there on the weekends? Or are the week nights lively as well? I will be there one week next month. I already have some plans for the weekend. May change them around if the weeknights are dead in Cabarete...
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    Baseball in the DR in December

    Is there any competitive baseball to watch in the DR in December? I Will be on the North Coast in December. Willing to go to Santiago if need be.
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    Visiting the north coast

    Hi everybody. Huge fan of this site it truly is a wealth of information and I always get a good laugh reading all the posts daily. My wife and I will be visiting the North Coast for a week next month. We are a young couple young 30's and 20's. We will be using Casa marina as a base just...
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    New member been lurking a long time

    Ok so here is how I ended up here on DR1. Ten years ago I went on my first trip out of Canada and I ended up in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Since then I have returned over 15 times. About a year ago, I stumbled upon Dr 1. I was set on "living the cheap" life in the DR. After reading the...