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    El Catey Airport flights

    I think your correct - looking to get back to LT. Recently flights could be had from Charlotte - then I saw Miami about a year ago. But in looking just now - No bueno. I really don't want to fly thru SDQ, get a car & drive up. Only other option this thru Montreal nonstop, but its expensive...
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    What's New in LT in 2023

    Thanks everyone Feliz ano Nuevo
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    What's New in LT in 2023

    Thanks Also about how much is taxi from AZS to LT these daze?
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    What's New in LT in 2023

    Hi DR1 Amigos Been awhile. Hope everyone is well and Feliz ano Nuevo. It's been too long since I've been there 😩 But thinking of coming down in April after Semana Santa. Are there any elections scheduled then? Last trip was an election and the whole country shut down - not good when you're...
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    Need Help in Punta Cana - Man Arrested

    Thanks very much - info passed along - DR1 to the rescue
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    Need Help in Punta Cana - Man Arrested

    Hey a client just called me and told me a friend of his was arrested in Punta Cana - recently (I'm guessing within the last week). He was down there with family and daughter got out of control with some drugs and he was trying to get her back to hotel. There was a commotion and people thought...
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    Samana - El Catey Airport

    So I saw this on a FB group about DR - (Frank posted it - old bartender at Jose OShays in Cab} But YAHOOO - WEPA / EPPA American Airlines will fly from Charlotte, NC to AZS!!!!! See U next Winter!!!!
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    Best place/price for quick turn around covid testing

    Hey DR peeps Whats the status there with COVID & with restrictions? I'm thinking of coming down in early July to Semana. I have my rabies shots & documentation of such. Has the Govt lifted the restrictions? Are bars / restaurants open? Thanks & Stay Well
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    The non-profit Fighting to Keep Sosua's History Alive (and the sad state of the Jewish Museum)

    My 1st time in Sosua - circa 2007 - I was very impressed that there was a Jewish museum there and read up on the history - wild story. While I don't know all the background on any alluded to nefarious actions by the gov't then or now - I would say that its always better to be alive... Happy...
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    LT Food Scene

    Luis' was always a fan favorite - but mi amigo was in Playa Coson last year & found a similar place that he says was better - as he's a trained chef - I'll take his word for it
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    Samana - El Catey Airport

    AZS was a great place to fly into from NYC Was very sad when Jet Blue stopped it Sadly it's more cost effective to fly into SDQ and rent a car to drive to LT area, then to fly to YYZ then to AZS
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    Please Email Jet Blue to Re-Start AZS Flights from NYC

    I'm guessing if enough people inquire about it, they may restart this flight. Jet Blue flew from JFK to AZS on Saturdays & Wednesdays. It was a great cheap easy flight to get to LT!! I always thought the flights were fairly booked if not full. SO please email them here...
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    Cuba Dave in Jail in CR

    Not sure if this is a repost - I did search.... Anyway the goofy gringo with the grande boca got locked up... To me> he was the guy that showed unwashed gringos how to do certain things...he...
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    Comer en Cabrera

    Hola Looking for a lunch spot - maybe a playa lunch spot in Cabreba. I'll be doing a driveby next month & looking for some good / great lunch. What place(s)? Thanks
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    Car Rentals from AZS

    I'm heading back to LT in January and was just taking a quick look at car rentals. WTF happened to the rental $? The cost has doubled & that's not even including the fees they say are mandatory, theft, accident, etc. Last year we rented from Sixt for about $30 per day (USD) + the BS fees...
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    Renting Side by Side ATVs / Buggys

    I'm heading back to LT either end of this year or next & wanted to know if I can rent a side by side ATV - Quads aka Buggys. I saw a few down there while in LT a few weeks back and was wondering if Jesse or someone else rents them? If U don't know what I'm referring too, they look like this...
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    Euro Sports - Where to Watch in LT

    Hey the usual suspects will be in LT in a few weeks & I will need to watch the 6 Nations Rugby tourney. Where can we watch the game. I believe the game will be Sunday about 10am LT time. Thanks
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    Searching for Ex-Pat in LT

    Hey doing this for a friend. He was on a flight last year from AZS to NYC, and talked to an ex Pat from Western NJ. He rides moto's and is a humanitarian who rescues dogs. My friend wants to rent his place, I believe near Casa Coco Pizza. If anyone knows his name and contact info please...
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    Moto Rentals near SDQ

    Ola Looking to get info on where to rent motos near SDQ. Looking to rent dual sport and or street motos - No Chinese shyte, Japanese preferred. Coming into SDQ with 4 people and each needs a moto. Thanks BR