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    I've decided I'm going to learn how to play a harmonica

    I started playing the Ukulele a year ago and will perform 2 songs at a friend's dinner tonight (one Chanukah song and one Christmas song) . I recommend the Ukulele very much. It is a fun instrument , very user friendly ...very approachable. You will be playing songs within a few weeks. A good...
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    Thank Corraplata for the mess

    It's mind blowing how bad this road is now. AMET has people working at 5pm on Sunday in obscure corners of El Batey to catch motos without helmets BUT they can't assign someone to direct traffic on this 2 lane 2 way road that has now become a 1 lane road. Both AMET and Corplatta are useless.
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    Casa Cuesta

    Aliss is home furnishings/cookware and Clothing. Nothing like Jumbo. Aliss is always a fun store to browse.
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    Dermatologist recommendation and cost

    I concur....I've seen her and I like her a lot. But be prepared to wait.
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    President Abinader: The Dominican border will never be the same

    He is dignified , intelligent , and very well spoken. I was proud to listen to him, especially considering some of the current bozo world leaders out there.
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    I remember those trucks...the trucks were enormous and they would contain one gigantic boulder. It's amazing we have any roads left after that.
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    Happy Birthday to Weatherman Mike Fisher!

    I don't know you but I always enjoy/value your reports. Happy Birthday! Live Long and Prosper
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    Craft Beer in or near Cabarete

    Yes...A small peaceful restaurant.....That is their factory also....You can get a flight 4 different beers for tasting. Also Nelson's Bistro carries their Cerveza Artisanal.
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    Jolly Roger only $399K in Sosua

    I've been numerous times ...mostly with kids. It's a pleasant enough place with playgrounds. The problem is every 'restaurant' has their own menu , waiter, and finally cuenta. Definitely not fine dining, not for a relaxing dinner. But for what it is it's a fun place.
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    Jolly Roger only $399K in Sosua

    Thank you for telling us what the rent is. The Listing is meaningless without that information.
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    Yes.....BUT DO NOT PAY FOR IT. There is no charge. There are many sights that seem like an official site and they charge you. The official DR page has no charge.
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    How Does a Person Get a Guarantor?

    NYC definition of Guarantor: a schmuck with a pen
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    Government is looking for a partner to build the Amber Highway

    The Turristaca Road is great ....After so many years they did a wonderful job. Nevertheless I would love a modern highway , it's a completely different relaxing drive. It would increase traffic tremendously between Santiago and the coast. I would just bop over to Pricemart and Bravo and it would...
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    Strong quake

    I was up at the time in Sosua. It went on longer then usual. About 3-4 seconds. Scary.
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    Dominican Citizenship

    Question for thought: Can you conceive of a time in the future when a Dominican Passport will be more valuable then an American Passport? I am not saying it will happen but I can conceive it given the direction the world is going. Example: Nuclear bombs (Putin/North Korea/Terrorists'/Unknown...
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    Need a Recommendation for a Cryptocurrency Exchange for Expats (Us) That Do Not Violate ToS

    ALL OF THE ABOVE is one reason why I don't own any Cripto.
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    Peanut butter, best buy.

    Yes....Nuts like Avocados are good healthy fats. But if you are watching your waistline it's better to have less then more.
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    Peanut butter, best buy.

    87% less fat and 1/3 the calories
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    Peanut butter, best buy.

    I know it seems strange. Hard to relate to at first. It only takes a few seconds to make.
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    Peanut butter, best buy. Try This!!! Much much healthier and Tastes Great (and I am a peanut butter LOVER)