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    So Dominican DNA is half African..

    they are not going to like this...:D El dominicano tiene un 49% de ADN africano y un 39% europeo
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    Carnival scuba divers get shipwrecked in Sosua,..

    Just heard this on the jungle phone, the dive center at Casa marina managed to sink their dive boat with Carnival divers on board. Does anyone have more info on this ?
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    DR finances similar to Greece...

    we knew, now they all know... Beyond Greece, the world is filled with debt crises | Business | The Guardian
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    Bergantin (PuertoPlata) Anybody been there lately

    Has any of you been to Bergantin lately, years ago it was a nice place to go hang on the beach. thanks Fredo,-70.6289586,2843m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!5m1!1b1?hl=en
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    environmental activist exposed in cabarete...

    Laguna de Cabarete presenta grave desastre ecol?gico seg?n estudio realizado por especialistas