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    Do-it-Yourself Permanent Residency Renewal Procedure

    Jumping in here - you can cancel your residency. It requires writing a letter to the Director of the DMG and requesting it be cancelled. We did this for our kids when they turned 18 and left to live elsewhere. It took a while but you will get a letter back signed by the Director saying it has...
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    Do-it-Yourself Permanent Residency Renewal Procedure

    Working on the application. I didn't expect to need these things - PÓLIZA DE GARANTÍA O EMPRESA GARANTE and ACTA DE MATRIMONIO, DEBIDAMENTE APOSTILLADA O LEGALIZADA (My wife and I married in the USA) Is this normal? And if so, what's the process for each of them. Thanks.
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    Do-it-Yourself Permanent Residency Renewal Procedure

    I am starting to renew my permanent residency (RP-1). Thanks CG for sharing your experience and answering questions. I have a few - On the website, Santiago is also listed in the dropdown options. That would be most convenient for me. I realize this website is used for many things and it's...
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    I think I got my answer - the video shows a van or guagua crossing.
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    Cangrejo bridge closed due to major structural failure.

    In a few days I will be driving my van over the bridge or via the detour. Is the detour clearly marked and how much extra time will it require? I'll be coming across the Tourist road from Santiago heading toward Sosua. Thanks!
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    Do-it-Yourself Temporary Residency Renewal Procedure

    Yes there is. It's called - "Do-it-Yourself Permanent Residency Renewal Procedure" But the process is pretty similar. I will be renewing mine in the fall. I may go for Residencia Definitive (RD-1) this time.
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    Do-it-Yourself Permanent Residency Renewal Procedure's almost time to renew "Residencia Permanent (RP-1)". A few questions - Anyone renew it lately? When did you start the process? How much did it cost? Thanks!
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    Trying to emerge from the dark ages

    Interested... Does this also give college football? Unfortunately, Appologroup TV doesn't list out it's channels.
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    Do-it-Yourself Permanent Residency Renewal Procedure

    In a year or so, I go to renew again. Lot's of changes. Nothing new.
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    While I have heard them called Ferry flights (they come empty and return with citizens), the correct term is probably repatriation flights. I've heard that people have been able to return to the USA in the last few weeks. I'm trying to learn how as I need to get back there in about two weeks.
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    It's hard to get current information about ferry flights. I'm trying to get back to the USA from the DR the second week of June. Jet Blue is flying but can't get me to my final destination. The embassy says United has ferry flights and I'm about to call them. American Airlines has the...
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    Auto Insurance Recommendations

    A few years ago, I remember reading a thread where people where talking about which Auto Insurance Companies were more likely to pay on claims. I have searched and searched for it but can't find it. Maybe my memory is bad and it wasn't actually here in this forum. But the question is - What...
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    Options for traveling from Jarabacoa to Las Americas Airport (Santo Domingo)

    I have a trip coming and the fare from Las Americas is much better than Santiago. I've never flown out of or into Las Americas. So I'm researching my options. Here is what I have learned so far: 1. Hire transportation in Jarabacoa - 6000 ps per trip, Door to airport service. 2. Caribe Tours...
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    Do-it-Yourself Permanent Residency Renewal Procedure

    This Thread is for PERMANENT RESIDENCY RENEWAL and was started in July 2014. There is an excellent thread for Temporary Residency Renewal (thank you Expat-in-Cabarete and those who posted). I didn't see one for Permanent so I'm creating one. If there is one, please just say and I post there...
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    Discover the SW - 5 Days

    I have read many of the posts on the Southwest and want to thank all that have posted. It?s a great help. Based on the info, I have put together this trip for my family. My wife and I and our two kids hope to do this over the Christmas holiday. Please share your thoughts. Day 1...
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    MDs at HOMS

    Can anyone recommend an internist at HOMS? I looked at the list of medical recommendations on another thread, but I didn't see any. HOMS does not seem to have a website like Union Medica that lists staff. I am looking for someone with good diagnostic skills as I have been suffering from...
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    Looking to Adopt a Dog

    We are new residents in the Jarabacoa area and are looking for 1 or 2 adult dogs to adopt as guard-pets. We would prefer boxer or doberman, but open to others or mixed breed. We have two grade school aged children who are accustomed to dogs. We had labs in the States. We have put the word...
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    Language Schools in SD

    Has anyone used Entrena or Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano for learning Spanish? We are a US family moving to Jarabacoa for two years. I speak Spanish pretty well, but my hubby is required by his organization to spend at least 6 months in formal language training before we move to...