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    Dominican mail system

    Do not rely upon DR Mail. Set up on line accounts for these two and get e-mailed info and go to web-sites to check info. SNAIL MAIL?
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    Night Life in La Romana

    You could watch the La Sirena Truck unload. It arrives about 1AM and it is thrilling when it backs up into the dock and it beeps as it does it. Wow!!!!!!!!!!
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    Legalize Medina Run for President!!! NOT.

    Will the DR Legislators change the constitution to allow Medina to make another Presidential run? I certainly hope not. He has had mixed results in his term. The biggest mark against him is the Odebretch scandal. This happened on his watch and it can't be disputed. That alone should give you...
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    Gov official says too much drinking in the DR!?!?!?

    Please, tell me something that I don't know? The availability and ease in which to purchase alcohol is part of the problem. It seems just about every shop in the DR can sell the stuff. Drinking and driving laws are only now being taken with any seriousness and every holiday revolves around...
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    Trip Advisor Top Caribbean Destinations Punta Cana #3

    According to Trip advisor here are the top 5 most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean: 1. Jamaica 2. Puerta Rico 3. Punta Cana, DR. 4. Aruba 5. Barbados Don't shoot the messenger. You may have your own favorite.
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    DR Gov Paying For Samana Highway

    I noticed in the news headlines that the DR trying to re-negotiate the deal they made with a Colombian construction company, who built the SD-Samana Highway. Evidently not enough people are using the highway and paying tolls throughout the year and so the DR Gov is responsible for making...
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    Businesses Not Paying Taxes

    Read this morning that many businesses, the majority, in Samana are paying no taxes to the Gov. In 2017 how is this possible. This says to me that the DR Gov. is so far from buttoned up that it is laughable. They spend the public's money, they steal the public's money and they don't enforce...
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    Medina Considering Another Run

    This is starting to sound like a broken record and a dictatorship not a Democracy. Why do politicians think it is their right to alter the constitution and change the rules to suit themselves? I guess because they can. After the Odebrect scandle, under his watch, I would think he would not...
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    Odebrecht scandal

    ODEBRECHT:No Transparency From the DR Gov with payoffs and bribes Should this really surprise anyone? You have to remember a line from "Animal Farm" everyone is equal but some are more equal than others. This describes the DR Government officials involved in the Odebr. scandal who never...
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    Another DR Gov Agency not doing their Job

    Surprise, surprise. Your Cafe Santo Domingo is made from imported beans. The Agricultural agency in charge of trying to assit the coffee growers failed miserably to aid them in fighting a blight and now there is virtually no industry left. There has been no assistance and no action in trying...
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    New Crackdown Has Kept Police and Military Very Busy

    I read this morning that that the new directive to try to be pro-active in cutting down on crime has yielded over 1500 arrests. WOW! Very impressive. What made me chuckle was the number of vehicles, especially motos that were confiscated because of the lack of registration. The other thing...
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    one more time....fingers crossed
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    Golf Project in Las Terrenas

    I noticed a couple of articles on Las Terrenas Live regarding the golf course that developers have been talking about for years. The articles were filled with a lot of speculation but nothing really concrete. Anyone has any info on what is currently happening with the project?
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    World Baseball Championship!!!!!!!!!!

    USA 8 PR 0 First Time for USA. Great Tournament. PR and DR very strong teams. Opening day next week!!!!!!!!!! USA, USA, USA, ........
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    Wham, Bam, thankyou mam!!!!

    In the words of David Bowie, wham, bam, thankyou mam! That sums up what sex, for most gringos visting in the DR is all about. It's certainly not about love, relationships or passion. It's all about "fast food". Get it quickly, consume it and move on. For the most part it is not your looks...
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    Jennifer Lopez in the DR to perform

    J Lo will be performing at the Altos de Chevon amphitheater on April 15th. Ticket prices are a little steep. General admission starts at rd8900. Beautiful open air venue.
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    The groundhog may have seen his shadow but despite this baseball is back and in about 30 days the season will start for real. World Baseball Classic starts the middle of March. Those are always fun games to watch and a lot of good players involved. Yankees will be very competitive this season...
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    What's Happening in LT???????

    Anyone out there?? Nobody posting on the NE thread. What gives? Give us some gossip, anything??
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    Closing a thread instead of answering the question????????????

    Robert: I agree with Meemselle, 50% or more of the people who appear on this thread do not introduce themselves propertly and most do not have any connection with the DR. Instead of closing the thread why not consider doing your job and asking these people for some details as to who, what and...
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    Leave today

    If you are going to fly out NY or NJ to the DR leave today or you won't be going anywhere for a couple of days. Major storm to start tonight and lasting till early Sunday morning. That beach is starting to look better and better.