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    Caribe Tours from "Las Americas" to Sosua?

    did that trip in August 2023, transferred buses in la Vega, with no wait
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    Dominican Hiccups Cure

    breathe normally, and hold your breath after you exhale, not after you inhale, and it takes 30 seconds, if you can last that long
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    He asked me," Is it OK if I call in a Haitian"

    why not it works for all those FB declarations about the use of people's photos;):D
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    Changes to the E-Ticket

    I recently flew in and out of the Santo Domingo Las Americas airport. On arrival, no body asked to see the e-ticket. On departure I do not remember that well, but I think immigration also ignored it and just looked at the entry date in my passport. I guess they have it all in the computer now?
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    Uber to Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas

    Can't answer your question, but how much was the fare from the Las Americas airport to Santo Domingo?
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    I had the strangest thing happen today at SDQ. Need to figure out how they did that.

    1st an observation, it seems different airports have a different sequence of passing through to boarding POP: security then immigration SDQ: security then immigration STI: immigration then security As to how they knew you had overstayed - they would know that from your electronically filed exit...
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    Very Sad News…MountainAnnie Has Passed

    Rest in Peace, Mountain Annie
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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    a nice little cement track, delivery via golf carts and uniformed servers. Presto a 5 star beach for the luxury crowd!
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    Dominican consulate in Madrid is evicted over noise complaints

    Also due to high traffic of workers and clients in what is supposed to be a residential building?
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    Review of Outback Santo Domingo

    many years ago I used to go for steak at Asadero Argentino on Independencia but that closed also many years ago. I later found out they moved to the west side of Churchill but never went. Today I looked up the name and found 2 restaurants caled Asadero Los Argentinos, one by the Embahador hotel...
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    Scotiabank Withdrawal - CDN$

    for me, on October 7, 10,000 pesos, exchange 38.04
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    Senator Felix Bautista opposes Goldquest gold mine in San Juan de la Maguana province

    You are being disingenuous. This is a photo of the mess left behind by illicit mining in Peru. I dont understand the arguments presented against the use of cyanide in the proposed mining model of Romero You know why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO CYANIDE TO BE USED IN THE MINING IF THAT TYPE OF DEPOSIT.
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    Senator Felix Bautista opposes Goldquest gold mine in San Juan de la Maguana province

    How such a corrupt individual stays in the party I do not understand. Money is power I guess. As far as Goldquest and Romero are concerned, the mine plan that is envisioned does not plan on using any cyanide at all.
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    Retire in Dominican Republic: To Be or Not to Be?

    For those that have done this, did you have to send your passport to the DR consulate? If so, how long did they keep it?
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    Antigen Test to Travel to Canada

    and from today's government news release Public Health News Release "We will be easing the on-arrival testing for fully-vaccinated travellers. This means that travellers arriving to Canada from any country, who qualify as fully vaccinated, will be randomly selected for arrival testing...
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    Antigen Test to Travel to Canada

    As far as I know it has always been a random PCR test upon arrival. I travel for work, and have had 3 arrival tests, all PCR and have never been offered an antigen test.
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    Antigen Test to Travel to Canada

    Not what I read: "Fully vaccinated travelers may also be randomly selected for a PCR test upon arrival. Duclos (He is the federal health minister) said its arrival testing program will remain in effect, but travelers won't have to quarantine while awaiting results." Says nothing about...
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    Antigen Test to Travel to Canada

    Today the Canadian government announced some easing of travel restrictions. As of March 1 fully vaccinated travelers arriving in Canada only have to take a pre-arrival antigen test, up to 24 hours before flying. You can still take a PCR test up to 72 hours before flying if you want. When you...
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    money laundering in Canada via the Dominican Republic

    Not sure where to post this, but it involves a Chinese international student arriving in Canada from the D.R. as well as parents arriving in Canada with visas issued by the Canadian Embassy in the Dominican Republic, and apparently laundering millions of dollars. Sounds like the D.R. was the...